Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Franci & Chad Get Married!

I love my job! I really do! In fact, I think I have the greatest job in the world. Believe it or not, I actually get to help make fabulous couple's dream weddings come true. Who could ask for anything more? Not me! That's for sure! Hee hee!

This past weekend, one of our favorite couples got married....our darling Franci and Chad! Are they too cute, or what?

Thankfully, my partner in crime, Marjorie, had her camera handy so she could snap a few photos of their
InnCredible wedding and I could share them with you. I have a feeling we're going to have to wait quite awhile for Franci's Uncle Jesse to get us his professional photos...hee hee... :) So thanks best friend for snapping away!

Suffice it to say, I have adored Franci from the moment I met her...we instantly being able to be part of her and Chad's special day was such an honor. Franci is one of the kindest, sweetest gals on the planet, and just being in her presence made my heart sing with pleasure. So, I took every opportunity to be by her side...LOL!

Franci was all about DIY...and that is one of the things Marjorie and I love most about our brides. We thrive on all the wonderfully creative touches they bring to their weddings. Unlike a number of our fellow wedding professionals, Marjorie and I actually love to see couples bring wee bits of themselves to their weddings through their DIY projects.

Franci had a number of hand-made pieces at her wedding that really made a statement about who they were as a couple. And because we're such advocates of DIY, I'm going to take this opportunity to share some of her creativeness with you. I hope Franci knows, we've been known to 'borrow' a few of these fab ideas and use them again and again...but, shhhhh! Don't tell anyone...LOL!

Lavender was a huge part of Franci's wedding and I love how she incorporated it into a number of different things, like these sachet wedding favors. My 'Wedding Office' still smells amazing thanks to all the lavender the gals brought up.

Take a look at this close cute!! And so easy to make! I already have mine in my lingerie drawer...oh yeah!

And, not only did Franci make a number of the decor items at her wedding, so did her mom, Kathie. Here is the gorgeous embroidered picture she gave Franci and Chad. We placed it on one of our 'Vintage Elegance' easels for everyone to see as they entered the reception area. Gorgeous! And what a treasure!

Franci's mom also made all the beautiful burlap table runners and embroidered their initials on each piece...18 in all. Pretty awesome!

And, as a surprise to Franci, she also made the burlap runners for the head table that spelled out her new last name...YOWELL. Fabulous, just fabulous!

But, my favorite touch had to be the Gift Table. Franci fell in love with our old vintage suitcases and wanted to use them on her gift table with the smaller one open for cards. The day of her wedding we were trying to figure out how to get the suitcase to stay open, when Marjorie, the creative talent that she is, found these cool vintage metal pieces to use. I think it's pretty InnCredible! And this is why we love DIY so just never know what magic you'll create until it happens!

Franci also found a fabulous frame that worked wonderfully for her seating chart....

And I'll let the rest of the photos speak for themselves.

Franci & Chad's 'Grand Entrance'....

Their guests 'crazy' napkin wave!...

Hangin' on the dance floor with her peeps!

And their fun guests partyin' down...

At the end of the night, after a long day of hard work and loads and loads of fun, we still we able to catch that one last group hug before the happy couple headed off to party with the bridal party and friends...

(Carrell, Franci, Marjorie & Craig)

CONGRATULATIONS to Franci and Chad from all of us at 'InnCredible Events'...thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!

Until next time...

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