Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Newest Wedding Trend...Big Fabulous Paper Flowers!

It all started with Jenn and Andy's 'Anthro-themed' wedding last year...and the trend has taken off like wild fire!  Jenn's the manager of an 'Anthropologie' store in the Bay Area and one of her co-workers made these fantabulously huge paper flowers for her wedding.  Thanks to her kindness, they are now, I am proud to say, hanging above the window in the Wedding I lucky, or what?  Since the appearance of these beauties a year ago, I have seen them popping up all over....They seriously are the next big thing in wedding decor!

Brides are using these lovelies to create eye-catching statements on ceremony arches, in large standing bouquets, at food stations or cake tables...anywhere where they will make people stop and take notice.  Even 'Beth Sogaard Catering' used them recently in her catering display at a local event...and she is quite the trend setter.  Look at the vibrant, saturated red color she used.  Very attention grabbing!

Now that these paper pretties are becoming hugely popular, I decided to go to the source, 'Anthropologie', to get a wee bit more inspiration on this newest wedding trend.  I visited several different 'Anthropologie' stores and found each with a different window display using different flowers...every one unique in it's own way.  These are the ones I loved the best!

On '4th Street' in Berkeley there were these lovelies!  Colorful, 'larger than life', single impressive hand crafted blooms.  Beautiful...beautiful...beautiful!  You could easily incorporate a bunch of these beauties into your wedding.

Cotton swabs surround the centers of these fabulous flowers and the cotton tips were dyed to match the dark purple center ball.  Talk about creative!  The ball, by the way, is paper mache...not the edible purple cabbage I originally thought it was...LOL!  Good thing I took a closer look...hee hee...!


The 'Anthropologie' store in Roseville had these gorgeous hanging beauties.  These were made out of egg cartons that had been dyed with a purple natural dye.  Simple, but gorgeous!  And again, very eye-catching!  Honestly, I think I actually spent all my time looking at these InnCredible hanging strands of beauty instead of looking at the fabulous clothes in the store.  Criminal, I know...hee hee.!   It's interesting that the centers were just pins with yellow tips stuck into the individual egg carton flowers.  Wow!

You could easily use them as a hanging backdrop behind a 'Sweetheart Table', a 'Cake Table', or even in a DIY 'Photo Booth'.  How fun would that be!

Look at how they look hanging behind the mannequin in the store window.  The purple clusters really 'pop' when there is something in front of them.  Love it!  Oh, the 'stems' are green burlap strips wrapped around rope...another very simple idea.

Now, I'm not going to leave you hanging pun intended. LOL!   There's actually a link on '' which gives you 'How To' instructions on creating, constructing and dying these fun flowers....and, here it is:
(A special thanks to our Missy Meagan for sending me the link!)

Please remember these projects take lots...and lots...and lots of time, so make sure you plan plenty of time to complete them before the 'crunch time' for your wedding hits.  I always tell brides to figure how much time they think it will take, and then double it.  It's better to be 'safe than sorry', and be done sooner than me on this one!

Oh, and when you get your pretties created, post them to our website for all the world to see!

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