Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bridal Week in Chicago...

Well ladies, 'Bridal Week' has come and gone in Chicago and just ramping up in NYC. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend any of the shows. Not that I was invited, mind you, but it still would have been a nice gesture to receive an invitation in the mail. Right! I mean, I am the coolest wedding blogger around, wouldn't you agree? LOL!

And even though my invitation was lost in the mail, along with my invitation to the Royal nuptials, this year there were lots of new trends that graced the runway. And the one that caught my eye was a newly rediscovered interest in modesty. One of the dresses that received the most attention, and I thought was absolutely gorgeous, was this throw back to the 50's Anne Barge gown with pockets. It has 'Mad Men' written all over it!!!!  Classic, elegant and, oh so sophisticated!  And it has pockets!!!!

Tulle was another big winner at this years show.  The runway was literally overrun with Tulle.  So, if you're a lover of this fabulously ethereal fabric, you're in luck. Salons all over the country will be stocking many dresses that bring out the fairytale bride in all of us.  And as always, Vera Wang delights with this timeless 'A-Line' from her new 'White' collection.

Romona Keveza captivates us as well with her fairytale dress that will definitely take your breath away...especially with the exquisite veil.  A little less structured this flowing gown screams romance.  Simply beautiful!

Not to be outdone, this InnCredible Dennis Basso gown commissioned by none other than Kleinfeld's, of 'Say Yes to the Dress' fame, is sure to please as well with its top layer of lovely Tulle and peep-a-boo lace bodice.  I'm sure we'll see many an episode where Randy will have prospective brides trying on this very dress!  Stay tuned!

If you're a more sophisticated bride, you'll be happy to know that the trends are swinging back in your favor...and Anne Barge is leading the way to the reinstatement of classic and clean lines.  Take a look at this beautiful gown with its impeccable style.  Stunning!

You say you're more a Vintage bride.  Well, you're in luck too.  Trends are stepping back in time to the timeless Vintage classics, especially for outdoor weddings.  Again, Anne Barge pleases with this amazing vintage gown with hand made lace.  So InnCredibly Elegant!

Here's something new.  The sleeveless dress with sleeves.  Yep, you read that right.  This fab Liz Fields 'Lo-Ve-La' gown gives the feeling of fun and sophistication with its twist on this new trend.  Look for many a gown to copy this look.  Love it!  And look at that skirt!  Amazing!

Vera Wang is always a trend setter at any bridal week but this year she outdid herself.  This year, not only did she excite with her 'White' collection, but she also stunned onlookers with her new 'Witchcraft' line.  Take a look at this stunner from her newest collection.  Yes ladies, it is a black wedding gown...but oh so fabulous!

And, if you're a lover of trains and over-the-top skirts, oh my, there were some 'to die for' ones featured this year in Chicago.  Take a look at this stunner!  Flamenco anyone?

Lazaro is always a favorite at any runway show...but in Chicago he outdid himself with his new designs.  If you love lots and lots of fabric, you'll love the new Lazarro collection...take a look!  Talk about a train!  Wow!

He rounded out his collection this year with a classic designs with another phenomenal fluffy skirt.

The designers didn't forget about color either.  There were a number of gowns that had a hint of color...and Lazaro was at the head of the class with this delicately stunning rosy pink gown.

Looking for a gown with a little less color, Liz Fields, 'Lo-Ve-La', rocked the runway with this marvelous pink gown.  I love the lines on this dress and the ruffle treatment on the shoulder.  Lovely!

And of course, Vera Wang designed an amazing nude dress for this year's collection.  According to the experts, nude is the new white.  So ladies take note, nude may be your color of choice.  I could wear this dress!!!

Ok...for all the brides who are looking for a gown that isn't quite so 'couture', this year there were a number of gowns that would be perfect for us, 'not so couture', kinda gals.  This beautiful one from Allure is just one of the many introduced in Chicago last week.  I love the ruching around the waistline of this gown.  So form fitting and elegant.

So, there you have it.  Bridal Week 2011 in Chicago.  The good news ladies is that soon there will be 'knock-offs' of all these designer dresses with prices we can afford gracing bridal salons all over the country.  In fact, just the other day I saw a 'knock-off' of Princess Catherine, the former Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, dress in the window of Renfro's Bridal in Placerville. CA.

So, have no fear, if one of these dresses absolutely took your breath away, it'll soon appear on a rack near you.  In the meantime, peruse the bridal magazines, all your favorite wedding websites and start thinking about what style of wedding dress you'd love to wear on your wedding day.  The experts always say, 'you'll know YOUR dress the moment you put it on'.
And if you're wanting to go 'Green', check out these fab dresses that Katie at the 'Green Bride Guide' featured this morning from designer, Elizabeth St. John.  Granted none were featured in Chicago this year, but all are couture...and all are made from recycled, vintage and organic materials.  Click the link above to see Elizabeth St. John's entire collection and be prepared to be amazed.  See, you don't have to wear a 'gunny sack', as Katie says to be a 'green bride', you can still be outrageously gorgeous!


Happy Shopping!

Until next time...

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Is In The Air...

I love's my favorite time of the year. I love how the craziness of Summer begins to fall away. The days get a bit longer. There is a crispness in the air. The night are cooler. And the best part of all, the leaves start turning those amazing colors you only ever see in the Fall. The reds are almost fluorescent. The yellows so brilliant they are too bright to look at. And the oranges take my breath away. These are the things I love about fall. Well, and the heartier meals...soup...fresh baked bread...and all those indulgences that are too much for the hot summer months but make us feel so comfy when the weather begins to chill.

As we head into those lazy days of Fall, I decided to take this golden opportunity and design a fall 'InnSpiration Board' with many of the things I love. I honestly don't think there is a more beautiful time of year to hold a wedding. Really. Look at this Farmer's Market out of the back of an old vintage pick up. Does it get any better than that? I don't think so...Wouldn't you just love to have this fab truck at your wedding?  YES!

So, I created this 'InnSpiration Board' for all you Fall brides who are looking to bring the season into your wedding. The skies the limit when it comes to Fall weddings. Let your vision dictate your design. And for heavens sake...kick up your heals and have fun!

Coming in 2012, 'InnCredible Events' will be introducing two new packages for couples to choose from. I'm not going to let the kitty out-of-the-bag, but I will tell you both new packages will be InnCredible. But then, you would expect nothing less...right!!! 

We'll also be doing some fun things on our facebook page as well, so now's the time to 'LIKE' us on facebook so you can take advantage of all the InnCredible things that will be coming your way in 2012.

Until next time....

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm Remiss.....

 (Map designed and drawn by Ailis Mumper...and, 'yes', she can be hired to design a specialty map for your wedding...sorry for the shameless plug for my daughter!)

I'm remiss that I have not been able to post a blog spot in the last two months, especially since I learned at the Wedding MBA in Las Vegas that I should be posting twice a week...yikes.  Now I feel really bad!!!  But, with deciding to sell my house, staging my house, listing my house, showing my house, selling my house, then relocating to Coloma, CA...and having one of the craziest September's ever...there really wasn't a lot of free time to even catch my breath.  Oh my!  But, I'm back in action now, and you can expect posts regularly from now on...Promise!

(My grand-dog-ter, Kala)

And, if that wasn't enough to have on my plate, during this crazy time, I also spent a week in San Diego dog-sitting my 'grand-dog-ter', Kala.  While there, I decided to treat myself to a mani & indulgence that I rarely allow myself.  Although I really should, because they're amazing!  Sorry, I digressed.  So...while I was sitting there in the chair at 'Be Beauty' sipping my InnCredible 'spa cocktail', I decided to pick up a copy of the latest 'Exquisite Weddings' magazine for a wee bit of wedding inspiration.... 

And here's what I learned...Here's what's trending in San Diego....

'Cleavage and Cupcake Parties'...
Yep, you heard me...'Cleavage and Cupcake Parties'...intimate lingerie parties for the bride and her bridesmaids.  The lucky gals all gather at an intimate apparel store, such as 'Intimacy' in San Diego, and get fitted with beautiful lingerie especially for the 'Big Day'...and share a bit of the bubbly...of course!  Sounds like fun to me!!!  Sign me up!  There is nothing more fabulous than beautiful new lingerie to make a gal feel on top of the world.

'Icing-free Wedding Cakes'...
Crazy, I know.  Who would want a wedding cake with no frosting?  Well, evidently a lot of brides in this So Cal trendy community.  Brides are flocking to bakeries in search of wedding cakes that are 'deconstructed with an emphasis on taste and a rustic look', says Annie Packman, founder of  I know, call me crazy, but I'm not an icing fan, so this trendy cake sounds yum to me!  Give it a try, you might be surprised...

'Rental Bridesmaids Dresses'...
How often have you heard it said, 'and you can always wear it again', and how many of us ever do?  If you're like me...NEVER.  So, here's a creative idea, have your bridesmaids rent their dresses. is just one of a number of new internet sites that actually let your gals rent their dresses and return them after the big day.  No fuss, no muss, and no hurt feelings when those dresses sit in their closets for years and years reminiscent of the movie, '27 Dresses'.  And here's the best part, it's easy!  You pick the dress.  They ship the dress.  You return the dress.  And they take care of the dry cleaning!  What could be easier?  SD could definitely be on to something...

'Custom or Handmade Headbands'...
How fabulous are these.  And they seem to be the rage all over the country now.  Many brides are moving away from the traditional veil and choosing to wear more updated and unique headpieces...thus the popularity of headbands. is chalk-full of beautiful styles to choose from.  And all are custom made just for you.  And, while you're there, you can also choose some pretty Inncredible necklaces and earrings too!!!  Gotta love Etsy!

'Specialty Tie Clips for the Gents'...
Ladies, we can't forget the guys!  Lots of grooms and groomsmen are making statements at their weddings by wearing a signature item to show-off, and highlight, their personalities.  In San Diego, the item of choice seems to be specialty tie clips or tie bars.  Many SD grooms are setting themselves apart from the pack by choosing a tie clip that speaks directly to who they are.  Styles range from sophisticated to fun.  Again, is the site of choice.  The skies the limit to your imagination!  So, sail away!

'Rose Gold'...
Rose gold is making a comeback...and couples in San Diego are all over this rediscovered treasure.  Rose Gold is a gold and copper alloy which originated in Russia in the nineteenth century.  Once known as Russian Gold, this beautiful colored gold is making a come back big time.   Talk about a 'rosey' outlook on life!  The ring below is gorgeous!!!!!

'Photo Wall Entrances'...
Much to my surprise, and delight, our dear friend, and San Diego wedding planner, Meaghan Schmaltz of 'Weddings Made Splendid' was featured in 'Exquisite Weddings' magazine discussing a 'Photo Wall' one of her couples designed.  'Rather than display a single image on an easel, couples are opting to tell their story in a larger-than-life way through photo walls.  This new trend makes a sensory impact on guests and let's them in on a couple's life prior to the day of the wedding rather than just witnessing their special day', Meaghan said.  'Photo Walls' come in all shapes and sizes, from the large one Meaghan spoke about, to smaller ones, like the one our 'MidSummer's Night Dream Bride', Addison, is planning on using in the foyer of the Placerville Shakespeare Clubhouse.  What fun!

 (Courtesy of 'The Knot')

'Welcome Baskets'...
We all love these...and they are such a nice touch for guests who are visiting from out of town. 'Welcome Baskets' serve as not only a 'Thank You' but also as a treat for introducing guests to the area where your wedding is being held.  So, if you're planning a destination wedding, even if it's not necessarily a destination for you, putting these together for your guests is a lovely gesture. And they don't need to be fancy, just a little basket of goodies from the area, maybe a map and some things to do. You'll be surprised how much your guests appreciate the kind thought...and the goodies too...LOL!

And finally...

'Pocket Wedding Dresses'... 
Oh my goodness...we really love these....right.  But then, who doesn't?  What could be better than a gorgeous wedding dress with pockets?  Well, frankly, I can't think of anything.  They're both beautiful and functional.  And I'm happy to know that the brides in this fab So Cal town are on the same page as me when it comes to pockets.  I love them!  So, if you're in the market for the most up-to-date style in wedding gowns, look at ones with pockets.  Short or long, they are amazing!

So, now you know what's trending in San Diego...what about your city.  Tell me what the major trends are in your 'neck-of-the-woods' and be entered to win a 'MissNowMrs' gift card.  Entries accepted until October 31, 2011.  Good luck!

Until next time...

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