Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 'Green' Wedding Trends

'Green' is definitely in! It's the next big thing in wedding trends and it's amazing how many couples are looking at 'green' options in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce their wedding waste, and save the planet. Don't you love it!

So where to start? There is a ton of information out there, but for the 'Green' bride, the Green Bride Guide, Dream Green Weddings and Recycled Bride are still the 'go to' blogs for all things 'green.' However, Style Me Pretty and WeddingWire have both offered a number of 'green' ideas and options in their blog postings lately.

I've done my homework, so you don't have to...so, without further ado, here are your Green Wedding Trends for 2011...


  • Outdoor venues are all the rage with 'green' couples as well. And that stands to reason.
  • Outdoor venues demand less decorating which equals less waste.
  • Outdoor weddings are more eco-friendly across the board.
  • They allow 'green' couples to be surrounded by the beauty of mother nature.
  • And give our 2011 'green' couples the perfect backdrop to highlight their love of the environment, as well as giving their celebrations a more relaxed feel.
  • In addition, 'intimate' is the key word for all 2011 couples; 'green' included. Gone are the large, lavish weddings and in come small, intimate gatherings of 50-75 guests...and these make much less of an impact on the environment, and save couples money to boot.


  • 2011 'green' brides are going for shorter dresses that can be worn again and again thus helping to discourage the 'wear-it-only once' tradition of longer, more traditional gowns.
  • Eco-fabric are a MUST for the 'green' bride! Terra Amore is just one of many innovative companies that has begun designing beautiful eco-friendly gowns. I was amazed at the number of fabrics made from hemp and plastic...yes, recycled plastic bottles...wow!
  • Long flowing veils are being replaced with birdcage veils, or unique and vintage hair accessories giving the 'green' bride a way to reuse and recycle. Oh...'green' brides, don't panic if you're not crafty, etsy is your answer for fabulous one-of-a-kind handmade items.
  • Believe it or not, diamonds are no longer 'in' with 'green' brides. With all the controversy surrounding the diamond industry today's 'green' brides are no longer saying, 'Diamonds are a girls best friend.'
  • Instead, many 'green' brides are itching to follow in the footsteps of Kate Middleton and wanting to flaunt a colored stone, instead of the traditional diamond ring.
  • And many still are hoping for a family heirloom, or even a synthetic stone to cut down on the environmental impact.
  • Like other brides, the 'green' bride is going for a more natural look with her flowers.
  • Wild flowers and bouquets that have that 'just picked' look will be making their way down the aisles with 'green' brides in 2011.
  • Smaller, more delicate table arrangements will be hosted in vintage and unique containers carrying on the ideas of recycle and reuse. There is nothing more enchanting than tiny arrangements of flowers in mason jars on guests table. Remember, DIY is the way to go!
  • Many 'green' couples are opting for succulents in the guys bouts and also in brides bouquets.
  • Strong pops of color will also be seen used on tables and in bouquets.


  • Today's trendy 'green' couples are trying to go completely paperless!
  • Chalkboards remain as the signage of choice for 'green' couples who want to reduce their paper wedding waste. And what a great way to add a little DIY project for your outdoor wedding decor.
  • And now more than ever, more couples will be using electronic wedding communication as their choice for invitations, save-the-dates, etc., cutting their wedding waste. Try Greenvelope and Glo for your beautiful and personalized paperless wedding invitations and stationary.

  • For 'green' couples, the term, 'Flexitarian' is all the rage.
  • 2011's 'green' couples will be reducing the size of the meals served at their receptions
  • Trendy 'green' couples will be cutting down on the amount of meat offered to guests.
  • Going with 'local', 'organic' and 'healthy' items on their menus.
  • And thanks to Chelsea Clinton, many will also be including 'gluten free' options, especially cakes.


  • This is a new term to many of us. But not for the 'green' at heart!
  • 2011 brings couples back home, or at least closer to home, as they look for places to spend their honeymoons.
  • Many couples are deciding to discover their 'home towns' for the first time and enjoying the benefits of being local.
  • This option cuts down considerably on their carbon footprint and helps support the economies in the communities where they live.

So, there you have it...the latest 'green' trends. And if you read my previous posting on '2011' Wedding Trends', you'll notice many of these 'green' trends are the same as the 'traditional' trends. This leads me to believe that whether couples outwardly consider themselves to be 'green' or not, everything within the wedding industry seems to be heading in that direction...if the trends are right, that is.

But again, 'green' or not, your wedding is your wedding, and regardless of what anyone who is considered an expert predicts about the coming year, it's still your wedding...so make it your own! Do what makes you happy. Because it's all about making personal this year.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 Wedding Trends

Big things are coming in 2011! New colors, new styles and new attitudes! And the good news is...I've done all the research so you don't have to.
So, for all you 'Tren
d-Setting Brides' out there, here's what's new for 2011...Venues:
  • Outdoor weddings are all the rage! In fact, they're a MUST for this years savvy bride. But, we've known that for years.
  • Couples are now flocking to outdoor venues looking for a more fun, relaxed and unique setting. They are finally realizing that there is nothing more enchanting and magical than getting married surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature.
  • And, the decorating possibilities are endless for any outdoor location because you don't have the confinement of 4 walls to work around. Nice!
  • Trends are moving towards a more bleached and delicate look, even with browns.
  • Colors are softer, and the look this year is casual and shabby chic.
  • However, there is nothing more magnificent than a huge pop of color to bring the focal point to one specific spot on your dress, in your bouquet or on your tables.
  • Saturated color really makes a statement if placed properly.
  • This is where it gets fun! Dresses are more comfortable in 2011.
  • Look for straps, halters and less construction. Softer tulle accents are taking the place of bold ruffles.
  • Cocktail wedding dresses are all the rage as well. Not only are they fun, but they can be worn again and again ending the tradition of the 'wear-it-only-once' gown.
  • And, yes ladies...pockets are back! We do love pockets, don't we? Sadly, some designers are taking their time bringing them back into their bridal gown lines, but they are out there and very trendy for 2011.
  • Veils are being replaced by vintage, unique and handmade hair accessories. Once again, an item that can be used over and over.
  • Look for headbands, hair clips, tiaras and even flowers, but few, if any, veils.
  • If you don't want to make one yourself, check out the InnCredible designs available through etsy.com.
  • Vintage is in! Creating an atmosphere of nostalgic romance is very trendy this year.
  • Couples are choosing to incorporate family heirlooms into their designs and using more DIY touches to make their weddings individually their own.
  • The trends are moving away from 'matchy-matchy' and into a more vintage mismatched look in table settings with personal accents that 'wow' guests.
  • Chandeliers are hot this year too...and, just to 'toot our own horn' a bit, Marjorie creates some of the most beautiful crystal chandeliers on the planet...and we rent them!
  • Tightly tied bouquets are out and a more natural, soft and fluffier look is in.
  • Wildflowers are coming into their own, and if you're wanting that pop of color, brides seem to be leaning towards making a huge statement with orchids.
  • Bouts are becoming more masculine, and couples are choosing to use more succulents in everything.
  • Table Arrangements are smaller and more natural in style. Gone are the large, elaborate arrangements set in the middle of the table and coming into style are the smaller, DIY 'just picked out of the garden' floral pieces.
  • And while I'm not a fan of them, but many new brides are, feathers and feathery touches are coming back in style as well.
  • Another big trend for 2011 is rose petal art work. Whether it's a gorgeous scroll down your aisle, or a carpet of petals at the altar, couples are opting for this as a big statement at their ceremonies.
  • Smaller meals are definitely the trend this year. More couples are choosing 'organic', 'local' and 'meat-free' healthier options, not only to cut costs, but also to tap into their local economies.
  • The new term for 2011 is 'Flexitarian,' and caterers are stepping up to offer more creative and flexible options on their menus.
  • Couples are also moving away from printed menu cards to cut down on their wedding waste. Instead they are using items like DIY chalkboards to post menus.
  • And while we are on the subject, many 2011 couples are going paperless for all their wedding needs. Online invitations, save the dates, etc are all the rage. Check out greenvelope.com for some InnCredible options.
  • Oh, and this is fun...if your venue allows it, of course...food trucks are fast becoming a unique touch that many couples are choosing.
  • Cakes are less formal this year. There will be less fondant and more butter cream icing. They will still be unique to each couples taste, but more on the rustic side.
  • Natural flowers will replace sugar ones, and fruit will also be fashionable as a cake decoration.
  • 2011 also brings the 'Cake Table' back into a focal point at receptions. So make sure yours is not overlooked.
  • Want a 'Dessert Bar?' Well, you're in luck. They are still in style for 2011 and will be offered by more bakeries as an 'a la carte' option.
  • But sorry ladies, but it seems cupcakes are no longer...not even the mini ones. Trends are moving back to cakes.
  • Photography is going to take on a more vintage look this year with couples wanting fabric backdrops for their family and guest photos to give them a more relaxed feel. And what a perfect accent to your outdoor wedding!
  • Photo Booths too remain a trendy option for couples wanting a more unique 'Guest Book' idea or for those just wanting to offer a bit of crazy fun for their guests.
  • Videography is a MUST this year as well. No more leaving this extremely important task to a family member or friend. Couples are demanding a professional to shoot and edit their wedding video keepsakes.
  • Music is key to any ceremony and/or reception, so this year couples are going back to hiring a professional DJ or band instead of using an iPod. No one in 2011 wants to leave their music to chance.
Wedding Planners:
  • Too many couples have seen their friends weddings almost crash and burn because of all the little details that are often overlooked.
  • Smart and trendy 2011 couples are now budgeting in a wedding planner to assist them with making sure the wedding of their dream comes off without a hitch.
  • So when you're putting together your budget, don't forget to factor in a professional wedding planner so you can truly relax and enjoy your day without stressing over whether all your details are taken care of! Believe me, the money you spend will be worth it's weight in gold!
So, there you have it...2011's Wedding Trends. Let me know what you think of what the experts predict we'll be seeing this year at weddings all over the country. Oh, one little reminder, regardless of the trends, the bottom line is, it's your wedding, so make it your own, even if it isn't completely 'trendy.'

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Watch for the 2011 'Green' Wedding Trends...coming in the next couple of days!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Celebrate Coloma Weddings

I cannot begin to express out thanks and gratitude to 'Real Weddings' for sponsoring this InnCredible Event, and for sending Wendy to spend the day with us. She's awesome! And we all can't wait to do it all again!

If you missed our 'Celebrate Coloma Weddings - Discover Your Treasure' Bridal Extravaganza yesterday, you really missed out!

Our participating venues
reported great turn outs with everyone having a blast interacting with vendors, tasting wonderful food, sampling great wine, feasting their eyes on gorgeous bouquets and floral arrangement, and viewing the creative work of the best photographers and videographers around. Not to mention being able to see all the venues up close and personal, all on one day!

Here are some photos from the party at the Coloma Country
Inn, courtesy of Nicole from 'Sweetness and Light Photography'. 'A picture is worth a thousand words' so enjoy!

Judie from 'Flowe
rs on Main' in Placerville brought beauty and a huge pop of color to our winter landscape with her gorgeous bouquets and table arrangements. And of course, they were stunning! If you're looking for wedding flowers, look no further. Stop in and see Judie and Melissa. But hurry, they book up fast!

Check out the colors of these flowers! Bold is in for 2011.

Our fearless leader, Marjorie, enjoying herself outside greeting couples and answering a million questions.

Another trend for 2011 is outdoor venues and the Coloma Country Inn is the perfect location for your upcoming wedding. Just ask Marjorie!

No party is complete without food. And Francie at 'Bocca Catering' outdid herself as usual. Guests were wowed by her InnCredible salad and pesto pasta dish...and I hear the bacon wrapped shrimp was the big hit of the day! Dani thought she was going to have lots left over...funny girl!

(Francie's darling daughter, Dani, was our Chef Extraordinaire for the day!)

And you can't have a wedding without an InnCredible wedding cake. I definitely think Nicki from 'D'Agostini Delights' stole the show with this InnCredible wedding cake...and her yummy mini cupcakes. Don't tell, but I had 4! The lemon poppy seed ones with the raspberry filling were 'to die for.'

One bride has already booked this cake! Can you blame her? It's gorgeous!

Every couple needs to have table settings, so check out our 'Vintage Elegance' decor set-up available through InnCredible Events!

Beautiful and elegant, right?

Not only do we rent these InnCredible table settings, we also have an entire line of vintage and 'shabby chic' pieces for you to use to add creative decor to your wedding, including fabulous chandeliers!

We also had some wonderful vendors who chose not to be photographed but brought us their magic. Cassandra Draxler was inside at the fabulous silver leafed antique vanity answering questions from brides about hair and make-up. Paula and Dave, Lexigraphics, brought their photographic creativity and featured a cool little photo book that will actually fit into a purse...imagine that! We were also fortunate to have two InnCredible videos; one from Jensen Films and one from Liquid Light Video, playing all day to entertain our guests and show off the beauty of the grounds when we are not in winter mode. And if that wasn't enough, Margaret from Renfro's Bridal lent us the most gorgeous beaded wedding dress that I really didn't want to give back. Good thing it didn't fit!

It was one-stop shopping for all the couples who stopped by each of our participating venues yesterday. Everyone raved about what a great idea it was, and how much easier it made their lives to have all the venues open on one day. So, if you missed it, I'm sorry. But we will be having another 'Celebrate Coloma Weddings - Discover Your Treasure' Bridal Extravaganza coming up sometime in late summer or early fall. Stay tuned for all the details!

Again let me also say a 'Special Thanks' to all the vendors who joined us yesterday at the Coloma Country Inn. You made the day magical and without your participation, this event would not have been so InnCredible! Thank You...Thank You...Thank You!!!

And for anyone interested in finding out more about the vendors who participated at all our locations, you can go to our website: www.colmaweddings.blogspot.com to get all the information you'll need.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Style Me Pretty!

We're totally excited! Last night we found out our last wedding of the season was featured on the 'Style Me Pretty' Ultimate Wedding Blog. You can check out the posting at: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2011/01/12/rainy-day-wedding-by-one-love-photo-jensen-films/

Congratulations to all the InnCredible professional who were such an intricate part of making this honor come our way!

Beth Baugher, 'True Love Photo' (www.TrueLovePhoto.
com) for the InnCredible photos that made the folks at 'Style Me Pretty' sit up and take notice. You're InnCredible!

Mike Jensen, 'Jensen Films' (www.JensenVideo.com) who's amazing 'Singing in the Rain' video is the best anyone has ever seen...and the reason 'Style Me Pretty' chose Roz & Kyle's wedding to use on their Ultimate Wedding Blog.

Cathy Brooks, 'Visual Impact Design' (
VisualImpact-Design.com) for her gorgeous floral creativity that made the entire event shine. Without her beautiful designs, this wedding would have just been 'ho-hum.'

Mike Regan, 'Mr.DJ Service' (www.MrDJService.c
om) for his wonderful hosting of the wedding, and for making sure everything happened when it was supposed to while the rest of us were dealing with the crazy rain.

Monty Montgomery, 'All Seasons All Reasons Catering' (www.AllSeasonsAllReasons.net) for doing what he does best...serving InnCredible food! And for being so amazingly flexible. Only Monty could go from serving appetizers, to full dinner service, and to finally the 'Port & Cigar Grotto' under the same tent during a downpour without a hitch!

Marjorie Sanborn and me, Carrell Halley, of 'InnC
redible Events Wedding Planning and Special Events' (www.InnCredibleEvents.blogspot.com) for pulling it all together and making sure it all came together as planned.

And finally, to Roz & Kyle for
their InnCredible wedding! Without them, none of us would be so honored!

I also want to say a 'special' thanks Roz's mom, Linda Auclair, for being the best Mother of the Bride ever...you made planning this wedding a blast! We definitely have a friend for life. And of course, to Roz' uncle for grabbing that umbrella and actually 'dancing in the rain'...thus set
ting the stage for this InnCredible wedding and InnCredible video!!!

Congrats to all of us!

(Kyle - the handsome groom)

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(photos courtesy of 'Sweetness and Light Photography')