Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 'Green' Wedding Trends

'Green' is definitely in! It's the next big thing in wedding trends and it's amazing how many couples are looking at 'green' options in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce their wedding waste, and save the planet. Don't you love it!

So where to start? There is a ton of information out there, but for the 'Green' bride, the Green Bride Guide, Dream Green Weddings and Recycled Bride are still the 'go to' blogs for all things 'green.' However, Style Me Pretty and WeddingWire have both offered a number of 'green' ideas and options in their blog postings lately.

I've done my homework, so you don't have to...so, without further ado, here are your Green Wedding Trends for 2011...


  • Outdoor venues are all the rage with 'green' couples as well. And that stands to reason.
  • Outdoor venues demand less decorating which equals less waste.
  • Outdoor weddings are more eco-friendly across the board.
  • They allow 'green' couples to be surrounded by the beauty of mother nature.
  • And give our 2011 'green' couples the perfect backdrop to highlight their love of the environment, as well as giving their celebrations a more relaxed feel.
  • In addition, 'intimate' is the key word for all 2011 couples; 'green' included. Gone are the large, lavish weddings and in come small, intimate gatherings of 50-75 guests...and these make much less of an impact on the environment, and save couples money to boot.


  • 2011 'green' brides are going for shorter dresses that can be worn again and again thus helping to discourage the 'wear-it-only once' tradition of longer, more traditional gowns.
  • Eco-fabric are a MUST for the 'green' bride! Terra Amore is just one of many innovative companies that has begun designing beautiful eco-friendly gowns. I was amazed at the number of fabrics made from hemp and plastic...yes, recycled plastic bottles...wow!
  • Long flowing veils are being replaced with birdcage veils, or unique and vintage hair accessories giving the 'green' bride a way to reuse and recycle. Oh...'green' brides, don't panic if you're not crafty, etsy is your answer for fabulous one-of-a-kind handmade items.
  • Believe it or not, diamonds are no longer 'in' with 'green' brides. With all the controversy surrounding the diamond industry today's 'green' brides are no longer saying, 'Diamonds are a girls best friend.'
  • Instead, many 'green' brides are itching to follow in the footsteps of Kate Middleton and wanting to flaunt a colored stone, instead of the traditional diamond ring.
  • And many still are hoping for a family heirloom, or even a synthetic stone to cut down on the environmental impact.
  • Like other brides, the 'green' bride is going for a more natural look with her flowers.
  • Wild flowers and bouquets that have that 'just picked' look will be making their way down the aisles with 'green' brides in 2011.
  • Smaller, more delicate table arrangements will be hosted in vintage and unique containers carrying on the ideas of recycle and reuse. There is nothing more enchanting than tiny arrangements of flowers in mason jars on guests table. Remember, DIY is the way to go!
  • Many 'green' couples are opting for succulents in the guys bouts and also in brides bouquets.
  • Strong pops of color will also be seen used on tables and in bouquets.


  • Today's trendy 'green' couples are trying to go completely paperless!
  • Chalkboards remain as the signage of choice for 'green' couples who want to reduce their paper wedding waste. And what a great way to add a little DIY project for your outdoor wedding decor.
  • And now more than ever, more couples will be using electronic wedding communication as their choice for invitations, save-the-dates, etc., cutting their wedding waste. Try Greenvelope and Glo for your beautiful and personalized paperless wedding invitations and stationary.

  • For 'green' couples, the term, 'Flexitarian' is all the rage.
  • 2011's 'green' couples will be reducing the size of the meals served at their receptions
  • Trendy 'green' couples will be cutting down on the amount of meat offered to guests.
  • Going with 'local', 'organic' and 'healthy' items on their menus.
  • And thanks to Chelsea Clinton, many will also be including 'gluten free' options, especially cakes.


  • This is a new term to many of us. But not for the 'green' at heart!
  • 2011 brings couples back home, or at least closer to home, as they look for places to spend their honeymoons.
  • Many couples are deciding to discover their 'home towns' for the first time and enjoying the benefits of being local.
  • This option cuts down considerably on their carbon footprint and helps support the economies in the communities where they live.

So, there you have it...the latest 'green' trends. And if you read my previous posting on '2011' Wedding Trends', you'll notice many of these 'green' trends are the same as the 'traditional' trends. This leads me to believe that whether couples outwardly consider themselves to be 'green' or not, everything within the wedding industry seems to be heading in that direction...if the trends are right, that is.

But again, 'green' or not, your wedding is your wedding, and regardless of what anyone who is considered an expert predicts about the coming year, it's still your wedding...so make it your own! Do what makes you happy. Because it's all about making personal this year.

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  1. If I was getting married, I would definitely go "green!" Great blog!