Wednesday, March 28, 2012

'The Magical Land that is LaRaye'...LaRaye & Andy Get Married!

(Engagement photo by personal friend)

Oh my goodness...oh my goodness...oh my goodness.  Where do I begin to tell the story of the 'Magical Land that is LaRaye'?   I'm not quite sure.  There is so much to share...this is gonna take me awhile!  Quite awhile!  LOL!!!  

 (Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

Give me a week and I'll be back with more...I promise!  And, believe me, the wait will be worth it!!!!!  In the meantime, here are a few lovelies to temp you!!! 

(Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

 (Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

 (Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

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(Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

'On Angel Wings'...LaRaye & Andy Get Married

(All photos courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

LaRaye and Andy's love story is one that takes my breath away.  In fact, everything about this wedding, takes my breath away!  This darling couple met when she was 7 years old and out 'Trick or Treating' on Halloween.  Right then and there, Andy knew he was hooked...and all these years later, he married the 'love of his life...and the woman of his dreams'.  This is the stuff dreams are made of!  And we were lucky enough to be a part of their magical day.

LaRaye and Andy came to us with love in their hearts...a teeny tiny budget...and indecision as to whether or not they wanted to get married in 2011 or 2012.  Once a decision was finally made, we pulled together their wedding in a little over 6 weeks.  What fun!

Not surprisingly, LaRaye had already found her dream dress.  It was hanging as a display in the window of a shop in LA...and, was NOT for sale.  Well, LaRaye, being the amazing woman that she is, convinced the owners to sell it to her... and then, she had the designer make a few 'magical LaRaye' changes to her fabulous one-of-a-kind gown so it fit her personality and style perfectly.  And fit her, it did!  Without a doubt, this was one of the most spectacular dresses I've ever seen.  Everyone is still talking about the InnCredible dress with all the feathers!!!!!  And not just talking little feathers either...oh no, no, no, no, no!  We're talking FEATHERS!  Big, beautiful white ostrich feathers!


Our 'love birds' chose our 'Everything but the Dress' package and decided to get married in the historic 'Emmanuel Church' with lil 'Miss Jackson' in tow.  A first for the National Park, I'm sure.  To my knowledge, never before in the history of these churches has a dog been allowed inside, let alone, be part of the ceremony.  But that was LaRaye.  Everyone instantly fell in love with her...and from that moment on, no one could say 'no'. to our lovely bride-to-be.

LaRaye also did everything in a big way and with a flair and style unsurpassed by anyone else.  She even had 9...count them...9 bridesmaids.  Another first for the Emmanuel Church, I think.  We had to arrange the ladies in two rows just to get them to all fit at the quaint little altar.  But, no matter, the more the merrier for LaRaye!  And, as you might imagine, all the gals were gorgeous, of course! 

And, not to be outdone by the gorgeous women...the guys, were stylin' too.  Our handsome groom, Andy, donned white buck shoes with no socks...'tres continental', don't ya think!!!!  Oh, and LaRaye's brother, Cameron, wore the family tartan.  I just love a man in a kilt, don't you!!!

Our fairytale princess arrived at the Emmanuel Church in a horse drawn carriage.  Just what one would expect...right!

And the guys walked...LOL!

Once at the door, LaRaye froze...dead in her tracks!  Not from 'cold feet' mind you.  She was making this walk all by herself and it was a bit daunting, to say the least.  But, with a few kind words of reassurance, and one tiny little push, she was walking down the aisle to meet the man she knew she would marry since the age of 7.

And waiting for at the altar was her 'Prince Charming'...

Their ceremony was very touching and personal.  With family and friends as witnesses, our InnCredible couple were joined in Holy Matrimony by Pastor Ken.  They couldn't have asked for a more magical day!  And as an added treat, Andy's brother, Ryan, and sister-in-law, Meagan, graced the happy couple with a song they had written specifically for them.. What an honor!  Let me tell you, there was not a dry eye in the church!

As the recessional song played, the guests went wild...shaking cute little ribbon wands and throwing kisses as the new Mr. & Mrs. Emmert walked down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife.

As the perfect ending to the perfect ceremony, all the guests gathered outside the church for a group shot with the happy couple.  CHEESE!!!!

Then it was off to the 'Coloma Country Inn' for the reception...Let the fun begin!!!

Our 'Special Thanks' to all the fabulous vendors who lovingly worked to make LaRaye & Andy's InnCredible dream wedding come true:

Ceremony Venue:  'Emmanuel Church'
Reception Venue:  'Coloma Country Inn'
Photographer:  'Stellasweet Photography'  (Marjorie Branco and Anne Chadwick Williams)

Carriage:  'Iron Horse Ranch'
Wedding Planners:  'InnCredible Events'

Stay tuned...the 'Magical Land that is LaRaye' is coming up next.  There is so much 'show & tell', it had to be its own separate blog post.  So, don't miss's gonna be a gooder!!! 

Until next time....

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Friday, March 16, 2012

'The True Cost of a Wedding...'

(Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

Ok ladies, and gentlemen too, here they are, the 'cold hard facts' of what it costs to host a wedding in the US today.  Thanks to Dahlia Rideout with 'Divine Caroline', the truth is out.  It's doubt about it!  

Take a look at the diagram Ms. Rideout put's quite 'eye-opening'.

(Pinned on 'Pinterest')

One fact that caught my eye right off the bat was the average cost spent on a guest.  When couples are discussing who they are and are not going to invite to their wedding, Marjorie always says...'Rule of Thumb', if you wouldn't hand them $200, don't invite them'.  And how 'right-on' she is!  According to Ms. Rideout, the average cost per guest is, $194.  So, that's something to consider...seriously!   Maybe Aunt Melba who you've only seen in old family photos really doesn't need to be invited after all.  Cha-ching...$200 saved.  

 (Photo courtesy of 'Turning Leaf Studios')

Now, before you get all depressed and call the wedding off, there are several ways to cut costs.  One way is to hire a wedding planner to help you manage your budget and find ways for you to creatively 'trim the fat' without it showing.  

Another way is to check out a couple of great websites which are chalked full of ways to help you save money.

'The Broke-Ass Bride' is a great resource.  Just their name says it all!!!!  Right?

The 'Budget Savvy Bride' is also a 
great resource for good ideas and
money saving DIY projects. 

So don't despair! There is light at the end of your 'Tunnel of Love'!  Really!

 (Photo courtesy of 'Jagger Photography')

Want to find out what the average cost of a wedding in your area is...go to 'Cost of Wedding' and type in your zip code.  Regardless of your budget, you can have a dream wedding.  You may need to get  a little creative...but it can be done!  Happy Planning!

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(Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

'Venting Time'...Copyright Infringement?

 (Photo courtesy of 'Sweetness and Light Photography')

Ok ladies and's time for me to vent yet again.   Well, maybe not vent exactly, but try to ask for some kindness and understanding.  And maybe a favor or two. 

It seems like everyday I hear of someone being hit with 'copyright' infringement violation...and that got me to wondering.  While I understand the importance of always 'giving credit where credit is due', must we always assume that just because someone has posted something that you may have designed, or a photo you have taken, that it's automatically an infringement of your copyright.  Does it ever occur to anyone, that maybe, just maybe, it was an innocent oversight, instead of a blatant violation?  I for one, have posted pictures online that when I posted them, I was so excited to share the image, I have forgotten to trace it back to it's owner...or I have attempted to trace it back only to reach a dead-end.  Am I a criminal, or just a giddy gal who is super excited to sharing a great idea?  In my case, the latter is true. 

 (Photo courtesy of 'Sweetness and Light Photography')

Believe me, Marjorie and I completely understand the 'ins and outs' of copyright infringement and violation, and we completely agree with all the rules and regulations in place to protect the artist, but at what point does this all become ridiculous?  If we had a dollar for every time we found an image online from a wedding at the 'Coloma Country Inn' or a design set-up 'InnCredible Events' had created, with 'no credit', we'd be rich!  Do we get we get upset...NO!  We merely go in and add information about the fact we did the work. End of story.

So, here is what I'm asking...a favor of sorts.  Instead of getting all 'hot and bothered' jumping to the conclusion that someone is purposely violating your copyright, would it be possible to be kind to one another.  And either contact the person and ask that your information be included...or better yet, go in and add it on the 'Comments' box.  I bet, 9 times out of 10, the poster is completely oblivious to their oversight...and would be more than happy to correct it.

Ok, I've said my peace.  I guess I did vent a little bit...sorry.  But I do feel better now.  Comments anyone???

Until next time....

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 (Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

Friday, March 9, 2012

'If the Show Fits'...Wedding Shoe Trends for 2012

Ok...ok, I admit it...I love shoes.  In fact, if you were to look in my closet right now, you'd see box, after plastic box of flats, heels and boots.  Truth be told, I'm afraid to count the boxes...LOL!  Did someone just call me, 'Imelda Marcos'...?  Well, I'm not quite that bad...LOL!

However, with that in mind, as I sit and look at the stacks of shoe boxes my closet holds, I decided to also take a look at wedding shoes and what's trending for 2012.

This year there will be a lot more platforms walking the aisles than in years past.  I'm still on the fence about these, but that's probably because I've already lived them back in the '70's when they were first popular...or maybe it's because I'm afraid I'll fall and break a hip...LOL.  No matter, they are definitely HOT this season...

Color is also IN this year...and not surprisingly since color is BIG with everything for 2012.   Many brides will be opting for big, bright, and/or bold shoes to add a bit of 'pop' to their gorgeous gowns, and in some cases a bit of fun as well. 

Rhinestones...rhinestones...rhinestones.  There is nothing that screams glamour louder than rhinestones.  And this year, platform or not, these beauties are still in style.  Yippee!

Booties are also a bride pleaser with styles ranging from solids to lace...look for these to grace ceremonies all year long.

And of course, the ever popular, cowboy, or in this case, cowgirl boots are back!  Brides choosing an outdoor, rustic wedding are looking to these classics to set the tone for their entire day.  Not liking the brown, well these beauties come in many different styles and colors as well...but I kinda like the traditional ones the about you?

Not feeling the cowgirl boot trend but still love boots...take a look at these sexy lace lovelies that would look InnCredible under any gown.

Good news ladies...Retro is still IN style...and more so than last year.  It's such a fun look, and if you can carry it off...why not?  There is nothing more 'campy' than a retro wedding with all the fab details...including the shoes.

Now, if you're a traditionalist, there are many gorgeous styles awaiting you in 2012 as well.  We all know that the classics never, ever go out of style.  So whether you choose a Peep-Toe, Strappy or Pointed-Toe, you can't go wrong with a classic.

Flats are also a BIG fav for 2012...of course.  And with so many gals liking this trend, wedding shoes are catching on fast.  

And finally, you know this post would not be complete without some quirky, 'over-the-top' shoes...right?  So here are my picks for the most outrageous of 2012.  LOL.


Have you decided on your shoes?  If so, post a picture on our facebook  We'd love to see them!

Until next time....

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(Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')