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'The True Cost of a Wedding...'

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Ok ladies, and gentlemen too, here they are, the 'cold hard facts' of what it costs to host a wedding in the US today.  Thanks to Dahlia Rideout with 'Divine Caroline', the truth is out.  It's doubt about it!  

Take a look at the diagram Ms. Rideout put's quite 'eye-opening'.

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One fact that caught my eye right off the bat was the average cost spent on a guest.  When couples are discussing who they are and are not going to invite to their wedding, Marjorie always says...'Rule of Thumb', if you wouldn't hand them $200, don't invite them'.  And how 'right-on' she is!  According to Ms. Rideout, the average cost per guest is, $194.  So, that's something to consider...seriously!   Maybe Aunt Melba who you've only seen in old family photos really doesn't need to be invited after all.  Cha-ching...$200 saved.  

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Now, before you get all depressed and call the wedding off, there are several ways to cut costs.  One way is to hire a wedding planner to help you manage your budget and find ways for you to creatively 'trim the fat' without it showing.  

Another way is to check out a couple of great websites which are chalked full of ways to help you save money.

'The Broke-Ass Bride' is a great resource.  Just their name says it all!!!!  Right?

The 'Budget Savvy Bride' is also a 
great resource for good ideas and
money saving DIY projects. 

So don't despair! There is light at the end of your 'Tunnel of Love'!  Really!

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Want to find out what the average cost of a wedding in your area is...go to 'Cost of Wedding' and type in your zip code.  Regardless of your budget, you can have a dream wedding.  You may need to get  a little creative...but it can be done!  Happy Planning!

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