Wednesday, March 14, 2012

'Venting Time'...Copyright Infringement?

 (Photo courtesy of 'Sweetness and Light Photography')

Ok ladies and's time for me to vent yet again.   Well, maybe not vent exactly, but try to ask for some kindness and understanding.  And maybe a favor or two. 

It seems like everyday I hear of someone being hit with 'copyright' infringement violation...and that got me to wondering.  While I understand the importance of always 'giving credit where credit is due', must we always assume that just because someone has posted something that you may have designed, or a photo you have taken, that it's automatically an infringement of your copyright.  Does it ever occur to anyone, that maybe, just maybe, it was an innocent oversight, instead of a blatant violation?  I for one, have posted pictures online that when I posted them, I was so excited to share the image, I have forgotten to trace it back to it's owner...or I have attempted to trace it back only to reach a dead-end.  Am I a criminal, or just a giddy gal who is super excited to sharing a great idea?  In my case, the latter is true. 

 (Photo courtesy of 'Sweetness and Light Photography')

Believe me, Marjorie and I completely understand the 'ins and outs' of copyright infringement and violation, and we completely agree with all the rules and regulations in place to protect the artist, but at what point does this all become ridiculous?  If we had a dollar for every time we found an image online from a wedding at the 'Coloma Country Inn' or a design set-up 'InnCredible Events' had created, with 'no credit', we'd be rich!  Do we get we get upset...NO!  We merely go in and add information about the fact we did the work. End of story.

So, here is what I'm asking...a favor of sorts.  Instead of getting all 'hot and bothered' jumping to the conclusion that someone is purposely violating your copyright, would it be possible to be kind to one another.  And either contact the person and ask that your information be included...or better yet, go in and add it on the 'Comments' box.  I bet, 9 times out of 10, the poster is completely oblivious to their oversight...and would be more than happy to correct it.

Ok, I've said my peace.  I guess I did vent a little bit...sorry.  But I do feel better now.  Comments anyone???

Until next time....

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 (Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')


  1. So, as Carrell's "bestie" and business partner, I have to add here. First, I am out of town here, and have no idea what precipitated this post. But I do need to add. We have seen photos of our work from as far as SWEDEN advertising crafts classes. Really? What a compliment. We have also seen photos of our work, without credit as to it being our work or design, from photographers (who we could, but will not, name) that have chosen to take pictures without credit or legal permission to do so.

    Slippery slope? Yes. There is a huge "battle" between the talent and art of a photographer and the talent and art of the setting - sans models and clients. Our position? In the now infamous words of Rodney King, "Can't we all get along?"

    If you are considering hiring a photographer, look at how they post pictures of weddings on FB or their blog. If they say, "vendors cannot use these photos without my express permission," run the other way. Because what they are saying is, I take complete and full credit for your wedding, and your baker, your florist, your caterer, your venue, may not publish their work. Is that really a fair proposition?

  2. Thanks for your comments bestie. You are sooooo right and it is so ridiculous that everyone automatically thinks the worst instead of looking at this as a mere oversight. I should have mentioned that all the photos I used in this piece except for the last one from 'Stellasweet Photography' have been posted, reposted, pinned, repinned and found on the internet over and over again. Could we scream 'copyright infringement', absolutely...but as you say, instead, we say, 'Thank You'...'Thank You' for loving our work so much that you would actually want to share it with others. Now, if everyone else could just be that kind, the world would be a better place. ~ Carrell

  3. When a photographer says images may not be used without permission, I will NOT run the other way... I would probably be missing out on a fantastic photographer. I can totally see the reason for it... if someone wants professional photos to sell an item on Etsy or in a catalog, they pay to have those great pictures to advertise their work. I don't see this as any different. I see two ways of solving it... 1. Ask permission or don't post. Rules are rules. 2. Take your own pictures of the event for your business purposes.

    I get the "can we all just get along" perspective, but I also get that this is someone's livelihood... how they pay their rent, buy their food, etc.

  4. Also, I think that in order for your work to be protected, you would have to put something in your contract saying that your work couldn't be photographed... Which of course, no bride would go for that, lol. ;-)

  5. Blogs are considered a different form of zine publication these days, and as publishers it is your duty to ensure all images are free and clear to use before publishing. There is a difference between a bride using a photo and a blog using a photo without permission. The typical bride does not know and yes, most of the time it is an innocent oversight at which point, yes, as photographers we will graciously and kindly educate our client. However, zines and blogs have a responsibility to know and follow applicable laws and that is why artists will come after you the way that they do. Because you should know better. You even prefaced your blog with knowing the ins-and-outs of copyright law, so there is no excuse. As creative artists we have the right to defend our copyright and we shouldn't be chastised for doing so.

  6. Wow... seriously? I hope you come out and say this is a joke/satire. Just going to copy and paste what anonymous said. Just keep in mind that photographers talk to each other and this sort of thing spreads like WILDFIRE in our industry. :) Be prepared.

  7. Hahahahahaahahahaha!! Oh my goodness this is funny.

    When photographers want you to ASK PERMISSION to use THEIR images, it is in NO way "taking credit for your wedding, and your baker, your florist, your caterer, your venue..." They are taking credit for THEIR ART and THEIR PHOTOS. If the venue wants photos of their own venue, they can take them. If they want the PHOTOGRAPHER'S photos, they can pay for them or get the photographer's permission.

    As for you claiming copyright on random snapshots or professional photos of your venue, that's ludicrous. As someone else said, if you were to pursue any action against anyone who posted a picture of your venue, it could only be under the terms that you have stated "no photos may be taken" in your venue policies, on paperwork, and on signs around your venue. Even then, that's not a copyright issue.

    You may be okay with a "thank you, thank you" but you don't make your living off of the photos. YOU make your living off of the VENUE. So for you, the photos of your venue being spread like wildfire are great. For the photographer, every photo illegally (YES, illegally!) copied and spread around is MONEY LOST.