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Now that we know that buying a wedding dress is not at all like what we see on 'Say Yes to the Dress', how do you know which styles are which, and which style to pick for your body type? Good question!

I know many of you have probably already spent hours and hours surfing the internet, perusing the latest wedding magazines, marking pages and/or tearing out pictures of dresses you love. But...and here's the big you really know what the different styles are and what to ask for when you go for your first shopping trip? I know I didn't!

I was so naive way back in the 1970's when I got married, I pretty much picked out what I was told to buy. Thank goodness, dresses and styles have changed dramatically since then. I shudder to think of what I wore...and, 'NO', I won't post a picture. Instead, I'll save you all the horror, and post a cute one of our imposter bride-to-be, Missy Meagan, in one of the gorgeous gowns from
'Here Comes the Bride', and we can all pretend it's me...LOL!

Since I don't want anyone to be as naive as I was, this week's '
InnSpiration Board' is designed to showcases the most popular 'silhouettes', as they are known in the industry, of wedding gowns found in every bridal store or salon. I'm going to walk you through each style, one-by-one, so you have a better idea of how one style differs from another, and can ask for them by name! Yippee!

Ok, let's get started!

The Ball Gown...

This is, by far, the most popular style of dress...and the one that most brides think of when they hear the words 'wedding gown'. You'll notice it has a tightly fitted bodice, a well defined waist and very full skirt. It's perfect gown for any bride wanting a fairy tale wedding to her Prince Charming.

The A-Line/Princess Dress...

The 'A-Line' or 'Princess' gown is another very popular choice with brides. Tight through the bodice, it flairs out just below your natural waist giving the allusion of a capital 'A" as it flows to the ground. This silhouette is considered by many to be the 'all forgiving' shape that will flatter any bride...and make her feel like a Princess!

The Fit-And-Flair/Trumpet Gown...

Very similar, and often confused with the 'Mermaid' gown, the 'Fit-and-Flair' or 'Trumpet' gown is fitted tightly from the bodice to just below the hip line where it flairs out to the floor. This is a very slimming silhouette which lengthens the body. Perfect for the bride wanting to 'show-off' her figure.

The Mermaid Dress...

You can really see the similarity to the 'Fit-and-Flair' dress. But the 'Mermaid' gown is tight through the bodice all the way down to just about the knees where it flairs out to give the illusion of a mermaids tail. It's a beautiful silhouette for a bride looking for a slimming and dramatic statement.

The Sheath/Column Dress...

The 'Sheath', or 'Column', dress is considered by many to be the most flattering style for any bride to choose. It has a narrow shape that hugs your curves without a defined waistline, and typically flows to the hem straight from the shoulders. It has a very stunning silhouette, don't you think?

The Empire Gown...

Align LeftSometimes mistaken for a 'Sheath' or 'Column' gown, the 'Empire' dress is defined by a raised waist line starting right under the tightly fitted bodice, and has a skirt that flows from the bust line to the floor. This is a classic design and a great dress of any bride.

And finally,

The Baby-Doll Dress...

These dresses tend to mimic the p.j's by the same name, and are shorter in length than your traditional wedding gown. They are cute and fun, and great for an outdoor casual wedding and a bride who wants to be comfy, yet beautiful at the same time.

So, when it comes to choosing your perfect dress, remember that certain dresses are going to look better on certain body types; that's just the way it is. So, don't get discouraged if your dream dress doesn't look as InnCredible when you put it on as you imagined. Take your time. Go with your gut! And remember, as Rebecca from 'Here Comes the Bride' said, 'keep an open mind' because you just never know what is going to rock your heart until you try it on.

Until next time...Happy Shopping!

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