Friday, November 25, 2011

'By the Sea...By the Sea...By the Beautiful Sea'

I was born and raised in Southern California and spent all my summer days  frolicking at the beaches along So Cal coast. Manhattan, Hermosa, name it, my footprints are probably still in the sand there somewhere. 

When I was young, my dear Auntie Junie would pack my cousins, Michael and Maggie, in the car 'bright and early' every morning, head down to pick me up, and off we'd go...picnic basket, beach towels and umbrella in hand.  Sorry ladies, we didn't have sunscreen way back then...hee hee!  Anyway, we'd body surf until the golden So Cal sun began to set on the horizon before packing up and heading home.  It was a glorious way to spend my childhood!

Recently, when Marjorie and I went on our mini-retreat after our wedding season ended, we headed to Bodega Bay on the Northern California coast for some R & R.  And this past week, my youngest daughter, Halley, and I were down in San Diego celebrating Thanksgiving with my son, Cameron, my daughter-in-law, Tiffany, and the Sanborn Clan; Missy Meagan, Steve, Marjorie and Craig, along with all the pups, of it just seemed fitting to grab a bit of inspiration from the ocean this week.

If you're planning your wedding on the beach, here are a few of the things I think are 'musts' for an InnCredible beach wedding....

A gorgeous mermaid dress...of course.  That just makes sense, right?  Mermaids and oceans just naturally go together...don't you agree?

A fantabulous pair of beach inspired heels.  These are a definite must!  And these Polka Dot ones rock! 

A campy little bridesmaids dress.  This one is too cute...and reminds me of the blue blue ocean and sea foam.  Perfect!

This amazingly InnCredible brooch bouquet complete with rhinestone sea shells.  Oh my it!

Star fish.  Oh wait, I'm sorry...Sea Stars.  I love them too and they seem to be everywhere on this 'InnSpiration Board'...LOL!

Some awesome beach/ocean decor...naturally!

A 'must have' arch.

  Cute, cute, cute table decor or favors

Some fun lanterns for the aisle or tables.
 Fab shell place cards.

And of course, some InnCredible flip flops!   I love these HavaianasOne cannot be at the beach without a great pair of flip flops...and these have star fish!  Oh dang, there I go again, I mean, 'sea stars'...sorry, I'm just a creature of habit!

Now...if I wanted to go 'over-the-top' and get a bit 'wild and crazy', I'd add more color...a lot more color.  Nothing like color to bring out the party in everyone!  Right?  Call me crazy, but I love this color combination and think it's perfect for a beach wedding with pizzazz!!!
Bright and cheery cake

Cool Candy Bar
Darling umbrella place cards.

So, that's what I would do.  How about you?  Share your beach themed wedding ideas, or your beach themed wedding with 'InnCredible Events' and I'll post it!

Until next time...

I'm off to the beach...don't I wish!

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