Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Name-Change Game...

Happy New Year everyone.  Marjorie and I hope your 2012 is as magical as all of you are!

We have some new things in store for you this year, one being asking our brides to contribute to our blog.  What better way to connect with all of you then to let our brides do the talking...we thought you'd like that!  So, here we go!

Typically, Marjorie and I don't endorse products.  Well, not a lot of products anyway.  In fact, I think there has only been one product we have ever endorsed, and that is 'MissNowMrs', the fabulous company that helps you change your name, if you're so inclined to do so.  We love this company so much we give our brides a 'MissNowMrs' gift card when they sign up for our 'InnCredible Events' wedding planning services.  Makes sense, right!

I know we've all heard horror stories about the trials and tribulations that brides, and some grooms, have gone through to change their names after they say, 'I Do'.  Even I, a wedding planner, listened to the anger and frustration from my son and daughter-in-law as they went through this tedious process.  No fun!  No fun at all!

And since we want to make sure the products we give to our couples, and endorse, meet our high expectations, I asked one of our InnCredible brides, Jennifer Witz, now Jennifer Claiborne, to tell you about her experience with 'MissNowMrs.'   (And, just so you know, we are in no way getting any sort of kick back or perks from the company...this is just our way of giving you good information to help you make informed decisions...because that's what we do!)

(Photo removed at photographer's request)

So, here in her own words is what Jennifer had to say....

"I received a gift card to MissNowMrs from my amazing wedding planner.  Not knowing what it was, I looked it up and discovered a website that makes it very easy to change your last name after getting married all in one spot.  

After talking to other brides, I was not looking forward to having to change my name everywhere and gathering all the right forms and documents.  However, MissNowMrs makes it oh so easy! I sound like an info. ad, but it's true!  It has every place you may need to change your name, from the post office, to the obvious social security, to your bank account and more.  There are a handful of generic forms to fill out on yourself and husband, and then with a click, all the information is sent to every form you may need to change your name.  All I had to do was print out the forms, follow the step-by-step direction they have for each form, and mail them out.  The only one I had to physically go in for was for the DMV, which was easy since they now take appointments.  

After planning a wedding in 3 months while starting a new job and getting my Master's Degree, there was no way I would of had enough time to find each form needed, fill them out, and take them in individually.  MissNowMrs saved me a lot of time and now I am proudly Mrs. Claiborne!"

(Photo removed at Photographer's request)

Until next time....

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