Wednesday, June 27, 2012

London Bridal Show

Thanks to the great folks at 'OneWed', we now have a sneak peek at what brides 'across the pond' will be swooning over in 2013...And it looks like it's all about the skirt and texture.  (Photos by Christopher Dadey).

Let's start with one of my favorites...Elizabeth Stuart.

I love the combination of lace and the ruffly layers of skirt...

Love the look but not wanting as much fluff in your skirt...check out this beauty...

And favorite!  I love the petal detail on the skirt and the boat neckline...stunning!

Not into the big skirts at all.  Check out these lovelies by Kisui.  Slimmer in style and oh so gorgeous.  

 Simple and elegant with just a wee bit of fun on the shoulder...


Want a touch of 'bling' to on your dress....check this out.  Not too much, not too little!


Feeling a bit more 'campy' in your style?  Then you'll love these new designs from 'Sanyukta Shrestha'.

 Love the shoulder detail...

Puffy sleeves are not a treatment we've seen a lot lately.  Looks like they're back with a bit of a twist.

If you love lace...these are your 'eye candy'!  Designs by 'Lusan Mandongus' & 'Annasul Y'.

Peek-a-boo lace underskirt...Pretty

Simple and elegant, especially with the long gloves.  Wonder if they're going to be a trend for 2013...guess we'll have to wait and see, but I love them!  How about you?

Going more for satin...gotta love these creations by 'Victorio & Lucchino Novias' & 'Raimon Bundo'.

Fabulous, fabulous skirt...

And the only smiling model...gotta love her, right!!!  And the sweet dress, of course!  Sorry, my pet peeve...models who always look like they're mad...grrrrr!

Ok...and finally for all you brides who are looking for that 'over-the-top' this is really going to make a statement dress...these are for you!  Enjoy!  

'Victoria Kyriakides


Great skirt detail...

I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt 'across the pond' and a quick look at what we all can expect in 2013.

Again, my very special thanks to the amazing talent at 'OneWed' for doing all the 'leg work' and making my job easy. 

Until Next Time...

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