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'A Few of My Favorite Things'...Angela & Tim Get Married

I'm not quite sure where to begin to tell you just how much I admire and adore Angela.  From the first moment she and Tim stopped by the Inn, I knew she was someone special...and throughout the planning process, those feelings were reinforced.  Not only is she a 'Crew Chief' in the National Guard, which is admirable in itself, she is genuine through and through.  And she is the only bride I can remember who has embraced the 'Coloma Country Inn' in all it's glory. 

So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things from Angela and Tim's InnCredible wedding...

(Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

Most couples question the blue rope that holds our beloved swing...but not Angela...she embraced it.  She even made sure it was 'front and center' on their wedding invitations because she loved its 'blueness' and wanted its uniqueness to be part of their party.  Aren't these the cutest invitations ever? addition to this cutie...Angela also had special coasters made with three different photos of she and Tim in them as favors for their wedding guests.  These were, as you might imagine, a big hit.  And you'll notice she also included the blue rope on these as well, although you wouldn't know it was blue unless you got the invitation...hee hee.  I kept three for myself, don't tell...LOL!

Ok...this idea was pure genius!!!  And probably, without a doubt, the best idea I have ever heard of for getting your little one's too cooperate during the ceremony.  Cheers to you!  Angela's darling niece, Jolea, was their 'Flower Girl', and as you might expect, she was all about being a rambuncious little girl, as opposed to walking calmly down the aisle scattering her blooms.  So someone, and I'm not sure who, thought up the idea of putting a lollipop in the 'Maid of Honor's' bouquet so that if Jolea cooperated she would get this treat once she made 'her walk'.  Again...genius!


And, let me tell you, it worked like a charm!!!!!  LOL!!!!

 (Photo courtesy of  'Stellasweet Photography')

And speaking of flowers... Oh my goodness...they were beautiful!  Angela loves babies breath and used it everywhere.  But she desperately wanted peonies for her bouquet...not an easy task in June.  So just when it looked like it was NOT going to happen, the amazing Judie at 'Placerville Flowers on Main' found a local supplier, and below is her masterpiece.  Once again Judie brought tears to the eyes of one of our brides with her InnCredible creation.  Not surprising, this happens a lot.

(Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

Of all the wonderfully things that Angela had for her big day, I think her favorite was by far, her cake topper.  And I have to agree.  This piece fit she and Tim 'to a tee'...and it looked stunning on top of the InnCredible cake that Nikki D'Agostini, owner, of 'D'Agostini's Delights' created.     

(Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

And let me tell you about this cake.  Talk about one of my favorite things.  This cake, was by far, the BEST cake I have ever eaten.  Angela and Tim wanted alternating layers of marble and red velvet, but were unsure of what to put in between the layers.  Since cream cheese didn't really go with the marble cake and chocolate genache was too much for the red velvet, a compromise was reached and a new flavor was born.  Introduced at Angela and Tim's wedding was the new decadent taste sensation...'Chocolate Cream Cheese'.  Oh my goodness, it was killer. 

(Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

But truth be told, my favorite thing about Angela and Tim's wedding has to be the picture below.  This sums it all up for me...a happy couple getting the wedding of their dreams.  This is why we love our job!   Marjorie and I were honored to have had such an important part in Angela and Tim's big day, and are blessed to call them friends.   Thank you Angela and Tim for trusting us with the most important day of your lives!!!!  

(Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

And I couldn't end without another big 'Thank You' to all the amazing vendors who helped make Angela and Tim's big day InnCredible.  You are the best of the best, and we could not have worked our magic without yours!

Until Next Time...

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(Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

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