Thursday, August 30, 2012

Something's Must be Love...'Megan & Jason Get Married'

(All photos courtesy of 'Bertoli Photography')

We actually met Megan and Jason at Megan's cousin, Jennifer's wedding to her Jayson at the 'Coloma Country Inn' back in September 2011.  I remember the moment well...I was clearing dishes from the Witz family table when Megan's mom, Rhonda, asked if I was one of the wedding planners.  Of course I answered, 'yes'...and she said, 'You'll be hearing from us'.  And hear from her we did...about 6 months later as Megan and Jason were in the final stages of planning their wedding at the beautiful 'Flower Farm' in Loomis.

I cannot tell you what fun it was to be able to reunite with family and friends who had been at her cousin's wedding months earlier.  And to learn that our former InnCredible couple, Jennifer and Jayson, were expecting their first child.  It was like 'old home week' for Marjorie and me. We loved it!


So, I'm not sure where to begin.  They say, 'A picture's worth a thousand words', and oh my goodness, there were so many fabulous photos that Nick Bertoli and Lorrin, of 'Bertoli Photography', captured it was hard for me to choose which ones to use.  After going over them and over them, here are a few of my favorites.  There are lots more on his website if you want more...




Jason is a firefighter so the theme of their wedding centered around fire, fire fighting and of course, firemen...with a few chickens thrown in, but more on that later.  The 'Table Names' were different terms used in fire fighting.  There were vintage fire trucks on the tables.  And there was even a 'Grooms Cake' in the shape of helmet, complete with flames, just in case anyone didn't know the grooms profession!   Too cute!!!   

They even lined the aisle with two fire hoses...such a great idea!

Ok, just so you know...there were so many beautiful people in this wedding, it was almost criminal!  And if that wasn't enough, to 'spice things up a bit', our Happy Couple chose a 'special song' and wrote a few words for each member of their bridal party.  Classic idea that brought cheers, laughter and applause from the crowd!

And could this crowd party.  Oh my goodness, I honestly didn't think they would ever stop.  Take a look at the merriment happening after dinner.  Too much fun!  And I still have no idea what the bandanas meant!  It's gotta be a firefighter thing...!!!


As you might imagine, the Toasts were a big hit too.  Not once, but several times, the Bride and Groom were taken aback by the words of their 'loved ones'...hee hee.


Oh...and before I forget.  The chickens.  Oh how could I forget these lovelies.  If you've ever been to 'The Flower Farm', you know they have these amazing 'Gypsy Chicks' who live on the grounds...and wander freely to add their magic to the day.  However, from time to time they are known to wreak havoc during ceremonies.  And Megan and Jason's wedding was no exception.  Right in the middle of their vows, one boisterous roosters decided he was going to get his 'two cents' worth in and try to drown out the Groom.  Too funny...was the highlight of the ceremony. 

That and Jason being so anxious to say 'I Do' that he blurted it out before their Officiant, and fellow firefighter, Andrew Trigg, was able to get all the words out.  Now, that's a happy groom...LOL! 

The entire night was a blast.  So many wonderful people came together to celebrate the love and marriage of Megan and Jason.  Since their wedding, Jason has been off fighting fires in and around the area, and Megan got a teaching job.  We wish them all the love in the world and are blessed to have been such an important part of the biggest day of their lives.

Our 'Special Thanks' to all the InnCredible vendors who made Megan and Jason's wedding dreams come true:

Photographer:  'Bertoli Photography'
Wedding Planners:  'InnCredible Events'...that's us!

Until Next Time...

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