Friday, March 18, 2011

Inspired Fan!

Wow...when I published my last blog post on Thursday, I didn't think I'd get a response as quickly as I did. Amazing!

A very special Thank You to Isla Baker, all the way from East Linton, Scotland, for sending our very first official 'fan' Inspiration Board. Do you love it, or what? I think it's pretty InnCredible!

Through her beautiful, eye-catching board, you can clearly see that Isla loves the ocean, peachy/fall colors, romance and a wee bit of fun as well.
Personally, I love the heart shaped fried eggs. How cute are they?
And the shoe...Fabulous
Oh, and the chandelier...we love chandeliers at InnCredible Events!
Such a wonderful display of your theme.
Great job Isla...I love it!

Isla used Wedding Wire, and said it was super easy and loads of fun!
If you don't want to use this link to Wedding Wire, you can log on to their website ( and click on their 'My Wedding' tab. Scroll down and click on 'Inspiration Boards'.

Ok, the pressure is on...the ice has been broken. Now it's your turn...get busy and send in your Inspiration Boards.

(To submit, you can either send them to our email address:, which is what Isla did, or you can go to our 'Contact Us' page, enter your information, and 'cut and paste' your board into our 'Message' section.)

I'm waiting to be inspired!

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