Sunday, March 6, 2011

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Wedding websites are all the rage! In fact, even our favorite Royal couple, Wills and Kate, have their very own website! Yep, it's true, just go to: to get all the latest details about the upcoming Royal nuptials.

But back here at home...across the pond...couples are also stepping up and designing their own personal wedding websites to keep family and friends informed about everything having to do with their upcoming weddings. And with the world going to the internet for all the up-to-date information, it just makes sense for today's couple to join in the fun. You can even coordinate all your wedding stationary around your website, if you wish!

And, it's really fun to do! There are several sites out there that will let you design your website for
free. Some have more options than others, so depending upon how involved you want to get, and how often you want to update your information, there is a site perfect for you. And the best news is, they are all very easy to do. No over-the-top computer knowledge needed. Each site will walk you through just exactly how to go about designing your site to meet your needs.

I'm going to give you a 'sneak peak' at three different wedding websites, but it's best if you log on and check out each for yourself to see which one works best for you.

'Wedding Wire' has probably the biggest selection of least that's what their 'Wedding Websites' page says. Simply go to, click on 'My Wedding'. When the tab opens you'll see the option for 'Wedding Website.' Click this prompt and you'll immediately be taken to their wedding website home page. Here you can click 'View Designs' and see everything they have to offer.

They offer over 20 different designer collections from 'Vera Wang', 'The Green Kangaroo' to 'Wedding Paper Divas' and 'Martha Stewart,' plus everything in between. When you click on your preferred designer, it will open up the entire collection of choices; 120 to be exact. You can even test them all out without registering first. And that's kinda cool. I did that with a number of the 'options' and had a great time.

Each collection also offers you the option of ordering coordinating stationary as well. And most of these include an intro page as well, and some have moving video. Again, whatever is your choice and it's absolutely

'The Knot' is another one of my favorite wedding sites and they too offer couples free wedding website design. It is a little more difficult to find the 'Wedding Website' page on 'The Knot'...but it's totally worth the search. When you get to the 'Home Page,' you can either click on the 'Tools' tab or go to the prompts on the left side of the page, look for the 'Planning Tools' category, then click on 'My Website'.

If you click on the 'Tools' tab, the 'Planning Tools' page will come up, scroll down until you see the picture with 'wedding website' written underneath. When you click on this, you'll be asked if you want to set up your own personal web address...mind you, if you don't choose one, they will choose one for you. From there you'll be taken to a questionnaire. When you click 'preview,' the 'Our Wedding' page will appear. You can't add any information on this page, you have to scroll down and click the 'Edit This Page' button in order to post any information at all.

If you go through the side prompts, you're taken to some of
The Knot designs, then to the personal web address page, then the questionnaire...and so on. Even with all the steps, it's pretty simple!

Lastly, Get Married has their own free wedding website tools as well. Go to their 'Home Page' and click on the 'Wedding Tools' prompt and this will bring up several options for you to choose from. Click on 'My Wedding Website' and you'll be taken directly to their design page.

You must register before you can get in to see what they have to offer. And since I am not getting married, I didn't register so I'm not too sure what their process is like. I did press their 'Get Started' button and it took me to a page where I could list all my personal and wedding information. From here, I could go no further. They say they have 100's of options to choose from and they'll even send you a 'free'
'Get Married' magazine just for registering.

These are just three websites of the many websites available. If you do a google search on wedding websites, you'll come up with a number of other ones. Whichever site you choose to go with, the trend is definitely leaning towards today's couples having a wedding website. They are a quick and easy way to keep guests informed, give hotel information, driving directions, or let them know where you're registered; and all this cuts down tremendously on paper. Yeah!

Just remember to include the website address on all your wedding correspondence and direct guests to check your site regularly.
I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration to start your own wedding website. And here's another cool thing, a number of Wedding Planners will even set up your wedding website for you. Again, another great reason to hire a Wedding Planner to make your wedding dreams come true!

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