Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rule Britannia!

I know I've said this before, but it bears repeating. One of the most fascinating things I learned during all excitement around the Royal wedding of Prince William Albert Philip Louie and Kate Middleton, now Princess Catherine, was that the tradition of wearing a white, or ivory, gown was actually started by a relative of the groom's, Queen Victoria. Rumor has it, the Queen was so much in love with her Prince that she decided she wanted to make a statement at her Royal wedding and feel like a bride, not as though she was just going to a ball. So the Queen chose an ivory lace gown for her big day. Little did she know she'd turn out to be a 'trendsetter' with this decision.

From then on, brides have been wearing white, or ivory, gowns on their wedding days. And, in keeping with this tradition set down so many years ago by the British monarchy, Princess Catherine did not disappoint. She was stunningly beautiful in her Sarah Burton white gown with lace overlays. The moment she stepped into view, people all over he world were awestruck by her beauty and grace. I think she's set the tone for a new wave of wedding dresses we'll be seeing for years to come. In fact, I hear there are already copies in the making...literally!

Now, while white and ivory may be the tradition many brides choose, there are those brides who choose to 'march to a different drummer', and step out in style in a more colorful wedding gown. I was amazed to find when I went in search of wedding dresses, that if you want a dress in any shade of the rainbow, it's out there.
So, this week's 'InnSpiration Board' is dedicated to all you gals who take that 'walk on the wild side' by sporting your individuality through color! And, 'no', that's not a typo...I decided to take a little creative license and change the spelling to match 'InnCredible Events'. I know, cleaver, right? A little slow to see the connection maybe, but cleaver, none the less! LOL!

Ok ladies, you ready? Check out these gowns!

Could you see yourself wearing one of these lovelies on your wedding day? I could! As crazy as it may seem, I do like the gown with the blue and purple tulle netting skirt. But I have to admit, my favorite, by far, is the silver one in the lower left hand corner! Simply stunning! So gorgeous...it takes my breath away.

Not all of the gowns I found were this lovely...in fact, some were pretty outrageous. Seriously! I was flabbergasted by some. And one left me wondering...'what were they thinking?' So, without further ado, let's go from lovely to...well...?

A bit campy, yet fun...

Tie-dye anyone?...
Red hot and ruffly...

For the love of pink...or Marie Antoinette. You choose...

Fluffy to a fault...

Just a wee bit outrageous!

And this one's just over-the-top ridiculously insane! Seriously, who wants those hips?

Ok, I'm completely speechless after that last dress, so I'll leave you with this...each bride has her own individual sense of style, likes and dislikes. 'Get Married' magazine suggests you, 'dress the part you love most'. So when you finally decide to 'say yes to the dress' make sure your gown fits your personality. Please don't be swayed by fashion or tradition. Make your wedding your own by picking the perfect dress for you, and only you. It is after all, YOUR wedding!

Until next time....

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