Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Artists Inspiration Board!

How cool it this??? Do you love this 'Inspiration Board', or what? So creative...so different...so fun! An artists true work of art!

Ok, truth be told, this
InnCredible 'Inspiration Board' was designed by my oldest daughter, Ailis, who is currently living in Arcata, CA. You'll see her photo shamelessly posted at the bottom of each of my 'Inspiration Board' blog posts. LOL! It's a mother's prerogative, or so I tell myself anyway...hee hee! But all that aside, I do love...love...love this 'Inspiration Board'! And if you knew Ailis, you'd realize it's so 'her!'

Ailis is my artistic child. She's fun...funky...a wee bit crazy...and creative beyond my wildest imagination. She has always had an infinity for all things vintage, as you can see from her board.

Ailis also LOVES color...lots of color. And, being an artist, I guess that makes perfect sense. So her use of many different colors doesn't surprise me in the least. And only my Ailis would have tambourines sitting on each guests seat. How fun is that???

I have to let you all in on a little secret...this is the first time I've seen what my amazing daughter has in mind for her wedding. It's true! I've never been privy to any of her thoughts or dreams around her vision. So, this is a first for all of us!

What caught my eye right off the bat were all the ribbons. I love them! They make such an amazing statement.
I love the hearts too...and,well, that's no surprise for those of you who know me!
And the swing! Oh my goodness, we do love swings!
We have a fabulous one at the Coloma Country Inn...and it's a photographers dream! I can't begin to tell you about all the InnCredible photos that have been taken on that swing during Inn weddings. So it thrills me that Ailis would want one at here wedding venue too! Yippee!

(Bride Mari on the swing at the Coloma Country Inn)

Ailis is also my 'crafty' girl, so I'm convinced her wedding is going to be chalk full of fun DIY projects.
Take a peek at her 'craftiness' on her blog: www.heyailis.blogspot.com. I know, another shameless plug...ugh! She has an etsy storefront too...hee hee..!

So, if you'll send me your '
Inspiration Board', I'll gush over it as well. Promise!!!!!!

Either email it to me: info@inncredibleevents.com, or go to our 'Contact Us' page on this blog and cut and paste it into the '
Message' box.

It's that simple....

So take some 'inspiration' from Ailis, and send me your 'Inspiration Board' today. Hugs!

Until next time...
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  1. Haha, you ARE shameless! The only thing I think is missing from my board is the vintage espresso machine, which was Meagan's idea, but it's a great one!

  2. Oh man...that would have been a great addition! But I love what you did! The funny thing is, I had to cut half of what I wrote about you in the post because it was getting soooooo long. Hee hee...:)

  3. No no no no, I'm not getting married, my mom just asked me if I'd do an inspiration board and I came across images of this wedding that just suits me so well, so that wedding plus a few other pictures (like the tambourines)led to this board :)

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