Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet Pea!

If you read my blog a couple of weeks ago, you know that my two favorite flowers in the whole world are Daffodils and Sweet Peas. And, this past weekend, while at my local Farmer's Market, guess what I found??? That's right...Sweet Peas! Glorious, beautiful, fragrant Sweet Peas! The first of the season. So, naturally I had to buy some...oh, who am I kidding, I actually bought several bunches.

Once home, I got my old vintage white vase with the cool yellow flowers on the sides, placed my purple beauties inside...and voila! Instant heaven! I was so taken by how pretty they looked, I decided to make these sweet lovelies the focal point of my newest 'Inspiration Board'!

Now, while I'm not a huge fan of purple, it is the color of Royalty. And since we're all waiting with baited breath for the wedding of Wills & Kate tomorrow, I decided to design this 'Inspiration Board' with them in mind. You have to admit, they're a cute, cute couple! Just look at those smiles! Magical!

Interestingly, in watching the Royal wedding coverage this week, I learned it was Queen Victoria back in 1840 who actually started the trend of brides wearing white gowns at their weddings. Rumor has it the Queen was so much in love with her Prince that she wanted to wear a dress that would make her feel like a bride, and not just a gal heading off to a 'Royal Ball'. Thus, the tradition was born. So much for all those stories we've all heard over the years about 'white signifying virginity'...wives tales...all wives tales! You now know it was actually a Queen who set us on our path of the modern day wedding dress. Today, however, brides are taking liberties with this tradition...but that's a story for another time.

For this board, I chose a campy, ivory colored dress with a fabulous skirt because I wanted gown that would make a huge statement in a barn setting, but still have the majesty to carry off a semi-formal wedding without losing sight of the fun of the moment!
I think this dress hits the mark, don't you?

Then I added a fabulous pair of shoes, of course! Purple polka dot! A pair of InnCredible earrings...some cute flower cake pops...and just a touch of yellow. I think my 'Sweet Pea Inspiration Board' turned out InnCredible!
What do you think?

Well, I think I'd like you to 'inspire' me. You can submit your 'Inspiration Board', just like my daughter, Ailis. Several of you have already emailed me and said you were working on your when you're done, just send them to me and I'll post them on this blog. Yippee!

And, just in case you've forgotten,
it's super easy. Just attach your board to this blogspot through our 'Contact Us' page, or email it to me at: I'll post each one on this blog and on our facebook page. And as an added bonus, they'll also get mentioned on our Twitter page. Love that!

Until next time...

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  1. where can i find the purple heels

  2. yes must find out where to get those purple heels.....