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Anthro inspired, but so much more!

Oh Anthropologie, how we love thee!!! Your displays inspire us to greatness! There's honestly no other store on the planet that does as much for our creative spirit than Anthropologie. And last weekend was no exception. Marjorie, my bff and business partner, and I made a trip to 4th Street in Berkeley to shop at Anthropologie. OMG, the store was always. Chalk full of wonderful vintage pieces covered with 'you really need to buy me, NOW!' clothing. We walked around the store, mouths agape, pointing out all the things that we would love to use to stage a wedding. What we found there was awe-inspiring.

Look at this darling sign Anthro was using to advertise for new employees. Marjorie took one look at it and her creative juices started flowing...of course! So, game enthusiasts, listen up! How fun would it be to use this idea for your seating chart by gluing the old 'Scrabble' letters to an old window or blackboard. Or better yet, as your table markers! Love the idea! It's so retro and so fun!

But, as fun and inspiring as all this was, Marjorie is a lighting fanatic. In fact, she builds all the chandeliers we use at the
Coloma Country Inn from vintage bits and pieces she finds in her travels. And, they are amazingly beautiful! Just take a look at the one below. Gorgeous, right!!!! So, I guess it's no surprise when we walk into any store, the first thing that usually catches our eye is their array of creative lighting. And our trip to 4th Street did not disappoint!

It's a given that lighting can make a wedding over-the-top spectacular. And, in my estimation, there's nothing more magical than an
InnCredible chandelier hanging over the dance floor sparkling in all it's glory as the newly married couple step out for their first dance together as husband and wife. It's breathtaking! Just take a peek at Jessica and Mike as they share a precious moment during first dance under one of Marjorie's InnCredible creations! I don't think there is anything more magnificent...magical...or romantic!

And speaking of magnificent, not only did we find fabulous finds at
Anthropologie that just set our hearts a thumpin', but as we wandered down to 'Restoration Hardware', we were once again in awe. They had two spectacular lighting fixtures/chandeliers that we just had to share with you.

This fabulous one below is actually made out of a wine barrel. Those are the 'ribs' (for a lack of a more professional term) that you see defining the shape. Simple, but still very elegant. Great for the couple who are hosting a wine themed wedding. Can't you just picture it hanging over the dance floor, or sweetheart table, as guests lift their glasses to toast the happy couple. Ching Ching!

And this crafty one is made out of an old pulley with some cool vintage globes! What a creative way to bring a touch of 'old world' to your reception. Pair this with a few short round, clear glass vases filled with nuts, bolts and screws with a candle in each center, and you have a real statement! Very different, yet very, very stylish!

Now, you don't have to go crazy with lighting, like Marjorie and I do. Just adding a few bits here and there can make a huge difference. It's not uncommon for couples to choose paper lanterns, or small globes to add a romantic touch to their receptions.

Twinkling lights in trees can give that 'Disney' feel. And, who doesn't love Disneyland...especially at night? So, with a little effort, and some elbow-grease, you can easily recreate that same magical feel at your reception with 'tons' of tiny lights in the trees. Talk about making an impact!

Lanterns of all shapes, sizes and colors seem to be popping up everywhere now-a-days. Below are some fabulous ones you can pick up at Pottery Barn. I love how they've hung them all from a couple of old orchard ladders they've wired together. What an
InnCredible arch for an outdoor wedding. Love it!

Our darling couple, Roz and Kyle used solar lanterns on our dock last year to add that extra bit of romance for guests who wanted to stroll down to the pond. Beautiful! And since they were solar we didn't have to worry about making sure they were lit. Love that!

Couples looking for a more 'woodsy' feel to their weddings might want to chose these beauties. There's really something magical about these twig globes wrapped in lights. It may not look like it at first glance, but trust me, they're very pretty and eye-catching! And they're really easy to make...and cost next to nothing. Score!

Now, if you love the 'woodsy' look but want to add bit more whimsy, try these lovelies. They still have that outdoorsy feel but with just a touch of fun.

And, of course, let's not forget our favorites...mason jars with candles or LED lights hanging in the trees. They're simple, quaint and beautiful, and can really set the stage for your entire evening. We suggest using the long lasting LED lights in these cuties because you can turn them on, hang them in the trees and forget about them. Genius!

There are so many different options when it comes to lighting your wedding. I've just begun to touch the surface. If you're looking at an indoor venue then the possibilities are endless. Just let your imagination run wild! Or hire to a lighting expert!
Happy lighting!

Until next time...

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