Friday, July 8, 2011

'Bye Bye Birdie, Bye Bye'

I have to admit, it's been quite challenging for me to find inspiration during this time when I'm in the process of selling my house and relocating to Coloma, CA. But, through all the chaos and long hours of cleaning, painting and moving, the one thing that is a constant in my life are the lovely little birdies that wake me every morning with their sweet songs, and keep me company all day long. So, to honor this blessing, I'm dedicating this blog post to my feathery friends who grace my days with joy and happiness.

I love fact, I don't know too many people who don't love them...well, except for our darling Missy Meagan, that is! There's even an episode of the TV show, 'Portlandia' titled, 'Put A Bird On It'. This episode happens to be my daughter, Ailis, favorite! And she's got birds on she says, just, 'put a bird on it', and it's sooo much better.
So, it was loads of fun finding the creative inspiration that couples have used to incorporate these lovlies into their weddings.

I even found a killer pair of shoes with feathers that I'd LOVE to have! Fabulous, right?

Can't you just see them with this amazing wedding dress....???? Oh yeah!

Even our darling bride, Jenn, is planning on hanging vintage bird cages from the gorgeous weeping willow tree on the grounds of Coloma Country Inn as the backdrop for their ceremony. I can't wait to see her InnCredible design. Jenn is a manager at Anthropologie, so you know it's gonna be an InnCredible 'Anthro' inspired look!!!! I promise to post pictures!! We're all still wondering if she chose a BHLDN wedding dress...hmmm? We'll find out on September 18th!

(Jenn & Andy)

If you're using birds in your wedding decor, please post your pictures and let us all see what creative ways you're letting them fly into your design.

Ok, that's it...
I'm keeping it short and sweet...
Until next time...tweet tweet!

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