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Hazzah...Addison & James Got Married!...

Shouts of HAZZAH! could be heard from all the guests at James and Addison's wedding as the happy couple were pronounced 'Husband and Wife', and their Officiant, 'Murphy' said, 'Mr. Brooks, you may now kiss Mrs. Brooks'.  Hazzah!!!!


'Hazzah', you say...what the heck?  Well, by definition, 'hazzah' is "an archaic English interjection of joy" (thank you Wikipedia), or the old world equivalent to 'Hurrah'.  You see, James and Addison met because both are members of the 'Society for Creative Anachronism'.  A fun-loving group of folks who love to dress up in 17th century costumes, fight with swords and drink Mead (honey wine).  So it was fitting that along with applause, exuberant 'Hazzah's' with fists raised were given to the newlyweds as they took their first walk, hand-in-hand, as husband and wife.


Addison called 'InnCredible Events' in the midst of her wedding planning.  She had all her vendors lined up, signed contracts in hand, and her 'MidSummer's Night Dream' theme in mind when she found us on 'WeddingWire'.  In the beginning, she was convinced she didn't 'need no stinkin' wedding planners' (her words, not mine...LOL)...until...!  We knew instantly, we had to make her dream come true!  Just look at her, she's a Princess! 

And...well, he's just as cute as a bug!

There were so many wonderful DIY elements to Addison and James wedding that it would take a manuscript to tell you about all of them.  Suffice it to say, we all worked very late into the evening Friday night before the wedding.

The day of the wedding, while the finishing touches were put on the Shakespeare Club, Addison was getting her hair and make-up done, and getting into her absolutely gorgeous dress.  

Oh my goodness, I have to tell you, Addison's dress was so big that it took up the entire back of my SUV with the seats down! The ladies at 'Renfro's Bridal' laughed at me as I tried to lovingly 'stuff' it into my car... (Note to time a bride tells me her dress is BIG, believe her...and bring a bigger car...LOL!)  

Once dressed, our happy couple chose to do a 'first sight'...and it was magical....

Then our 'Daddy's Little Girl' did the most amazing thing...she did a 'first sight' with her dad.  Warning...these photos may bring tears to your eyes.

Once the ceremony was complete, the 'I Do's' were spoken...and the Groomsmen and Gal had strutted their stuff...

And the Bride and Bridesmaids posed so pretty...

It was time to PARTY...and party they did.  This crowd was wild and crazy!!!!

Some wonderful, and embarrassing, toasts were given...hee hee.  Too cute!

And then our darling bride stood up to say a few words of her own.  Addison took the mic and proceeded to look lovingly into James eyes and say, 'In our family there is no such thing as divorce...only funerals'.  The guests went wild!!!!  James blushed...and Addison grinned impishly from ear to ear...hee hee!

Then James escorted his new bride to the dance floor!

After all the 'First Dances', and a 'Married Couples Dance' (most of the guests had been married forever, amazing!)...everyone else hit the floor...

And the best part...everyone, and I mean, everyone, danced like nobody was watching...LOL.  Too much fun!

And just when the guests were beginning to think that things were winding down, Marjorie and I opened the curtains...and SURPRISE!!!  'The Rocker's' began rockin' the house!!!. 

Then the glow sticks came out...You know it's time to call it a night when the 'glow sticks' come out...LOL!  This wedding was too much fun!

Marjorie and I have sooooo many wonderful memories from Addison and James wedding.  Without a doubt, this was one of the 'funnest' weddings we've ever worked.  We met some fabulously fun people, amazing vendors and made new friends.  Mama Lori, we love you and 'The William!  Thanks Addison for choosing us!  We had a blast!  Hazzah!!!!!  And lots of love!

These InnCredible photos were courtesy of 'Turning Leaf Studios' and guests.
To watch the InnCredible video 'Turning Leaf Studios' produced for Addison and James wedding, click this link...Addison and James

A very special 'Hazzah' to all the vendors who worked on this InnCredible wedding...

Caterer:  Coralee Barnes, 'A Taste To Dine For'
Florist:  Maureen Ward, 'Perfect Parties by Mo'
Photographer: Michele Coomler, 'Turning Leaf Studios'
Reception Venue:  'Placerville Shakespeare Club'
Videographer: Phillip Alan, 'Sheffield Multimedia'
Wedding Planning:  That's us, 'InnCredible Events'

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