Wednesday, February 8, 2012

'A Few of My Favorite Things...'

(Photo courtesy of 'Turning Leaf Studios')

Unlike some of our counterparts, Marjorie and I love DIY brides.  We love the creative, personal ideas that they each bride brings to their weddings...all the wonderful ideas that make their wedding uniquely their own.  But more importantly, we love sharing these ideas with you so you can gather bits of 'InnSpiration' as well.  So, here are a few of Addison's 'InnCredible' DIY ideas that caught my eye...

'Fire Flies'...yep, 'fire flies'!  When Addison first came to us, all she talked about were these 'fire flies' that she was 'bound and determined' to have scattered everywhere around the 'Shakespeare Club'.  For the life of us, Marjorie and I could not figure out what in the world these little things were...but we soon found out.  Addison's fire flies were actually little lights that blinked at different speeds.  Magical...simply magical!  And what a hit!  I think every guest at the wedding wanted to know where she got them...and to this day, I still get calls from folks asking where they can get their own.  So, here they are, Addison's little 'fire flies'.

(minus the blue plate...hee hee)

You can purchase them at:    Enjoy!

Another one of Addison's 'InnCredible' ideas was having a 'Wish Tree'.  Her mom, Lori, cut out leaves and brushed them with gold paint.

 (Photo courtesy of 'Turning Leaf Studios')

Then we set them at each guests place.  Addison and James asked everyone to write their 'wedding wishes' on the backside of the leaf and then hang them on their 'Wish Tree'.  Even though the picture below doesn't' show the end of the night, there was not a branch left to hang any more wishes on...

 (Photo courtesy of 'Turning Leaf Studios')

Addison put all the 'wishes' in their memory box and she and James will read each and every one on their anniversary as they toast with their celebratory bottle of 'cizer' which has also been tucked away in the memory box.  Such a lovely idea!  And, yes, you may borrow it..LOL!

 (Photo courtesy of 'Turning Leaf Studios')

They also decided they didn't want to have a cake.  I think Addison's exact words were, 'I don't want no stinkin' cake'...LOL.  Instead, Addison and James had a caramel apple bar complete with a myriad of tasty toppings.  Oh my goodness, this went over like 'gang busters'.  Everyone loved it and kept going back for seconds, and thirds...and, well, you get the idea. 

 (Photo courtesy of my iPhone...LOL)

Our newlyweds did the ceremonial 'cake cutting', only they served each other bites of apples.  Oh yum!  If you're not a cake fan, you might want to consider this!  It was loads of fun!

 (Photo courtesy of 'Turning Leaf Studios')

Ok, I've saved the best for last.  I love, love, love this idea. Since both Addison and James are members of the 'SCA', or 'Society for Creative Anachronisms', there was a lot of discussion about what the Groom and his Groomsmen and Gal would wear for boutonnieres.  Well, hello, LEGO knights, of course!!!!!  So Addison had her fabulous florist, Mo from 'Perfect Parties by Mo' take the LEGO knights that they had constructed and make them into bouts.  I loved it!!!  These were so cute and so perfect for this group. 

 (Photo courtesy of 'Turning Leaf Studios')

Each knight was different...and they all rocked!

 (Photo courtesy of 'Turning Leaf Studios')

Even the dad's got their own it!!!

(courtesy of my iPhone...yikes!)

(Courtesy of my iPhone again...note to self, hold still next time...hee hee!)

I know a lot of planners are opposed to DIY weddings, or even DIY touches in weddings...but Marjorie and I say, bring it on.  The more the merrier as far as we are concerned.  It's these little touches that make the biggest impact and make your wedding uniquely your own.  So if any planner, or wedding professional, tells you to nix your DIY ideas...just say, 'Thank you very much'...and walk away.  Find someone who will embrace your uniqueness and love every idea you have!!!!

Until next time...

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(James' amazing 'SCA' shield)

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  1. Addison was very clear on her vision for her wedding - - - and it was an amazing vision! From draping netting from a 23' ladder, to putting fireflies into mesquite trees, it was a challenge. And we loved every minute of it! Every so often we meet families that we know will become part of our lives. Thank you, Addison and James, for the gift you gave us in allowing us to share in this special time.