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'Keep Calm & Marry On'...Jill & Nigel Get Married

(Photo courtesy of 'Jagger Photography')

Jill and Nigel met years ago and the poor man fell head over heels for this lovely lady but was forced to wait 15 months until she'd agree to a second date.  Talk about patience.  Yikes!  Once that second date happened, well, the rest, as they say, is history.

Polar opposites, Jill is a lovely, ethereal free spirit who spoke her mind and Nigel is a charming, detail-oriented Brit who raised his hand when he had something to say.   Both were delightful beyond words.

(Photo courtesy of 'Jagger Photography')

Our lovely couple actually got married in Fiji and then hosted a 'camping reception' weekend for 65 of their closest friends and family at the 'Coloma Resort'.  They lived in Santa Cruz.

Jill called us frantically one day when she was sitting in an airport waiting to board a flight to who-knows-where.  She went on and on about what her vision for this weekend was, and what she wanted the campground to look like.  The one issue standing in our way was that she wanted this InnCredible camping reception to be catered, naturally, but on the busiest wedding day of the year...September 10, 2011.  Yikes!  I immediately got on the phone, and low and behold, found that one of our favorite caterers, 'Beth Sogaard Catering' was actually available, so we were in business!

(Photo courtesy of 'Jagger Photography')

Our challenge...
Take the campground and turn it into the rustic, yet lovely, romantic vision that Jill wanted...and somehow block off the area from view.  And also find the perfect location for the Airstream trailer that they would be staying in for the weekend.  Wow!  Not ones to back down from a challenge, Marjorie and I were off and running!

 (Photo Courtesy of 'Jagger Photography')
(Airstream provided by 'Airstream Wedding')

This is what we started with...minus the tents.

And this is what we did...

Per Jill and Nigel's instructions, we placed all the picnic tables randomly around the grounds and paired them with picnic benches and our 'Vintage Elegance' brown and white mix and match chairs.  We then draped the tables with white linens and added burlap runners that Jill provided. 

(Photo courtesy of 'Jagger Photography')

When we were finished dressing the tables with all of Jill's decor pieces, we moved on to the 'Guest Book' area.  Jill and Nigel were traveling the world after this big shebang, so she incorporated maps into their theme.  

She brought a vintage typewriter for guests to write them 'love notes' and then drop them into an old bottle.  And, how fun is this...she used a deck of cards for her table numbers.  Guests chose a card, and found their tables...genius, right!!!

Now the really fun part....the 'Dessert Table'.  Ok, so Jill liked pie, and Nigel liked cake, so as a compromise, they did a combination of both for their dessert table...along with some French macaroons just for good measure.  Jill and her gals made the ribbon backdrop from strips of fabric and we hung it between the two trees and added our 'Vintage Elegance' cake stands...and viola!...A InnCredible dessert table!  Oh Yum!!!

When all was 'said and done', we hung what seemed like millions and millions of sheer drapes to blur the view so there was a definition between the reception area and the cocktail area.  

We opened the sheers when Jill and Nigel made their 'Grand Entrance'...

 (Photo courtesy of 'Jagger Photography')

Here's the end result....

(Photo courtesy of 'Jagger Photography')

Jill and Nigel are traveling the world now and we wish them 'Happy Travels' and a safe return to Santa Cruz!

Our special thanks to all the InnCredible vendors who made Jill & Nigel's dream reception come true...

Photographer:  Jagger Photography
Wedding Planner:  InnCredible Events
Until next time...

(I'll be featuring 'A few of my favorite things' from Jill & Nigel's wedding...including Marjorie's super cool beverage stay tuned!)

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(Photo courtesy of 'Jagger Photography')

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