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'A Few of My Favorite Things'...Jill & Nigel Get Married

(Photo courtesy of 'Jagger Photography')

Oh my goodness, there were so many DIY ideas at Jill and Nigel's wedding that it was hard for me to choose just a few to highlight...but, here are a few that really 'knocked my socks off'...

The Airstream trailer...need I say more?  It was a show stopper!

Beer Cover-Up...
Jill and Nigel's good friend, Chad, owns 'Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing', and was bringing several pony kegs of his amazing brews to the festivities as his wedding gift to the happy couple.  The issue chatting with this charming fellow, I found out that the 'jockey box' he would be using was an old, beat-up blue and white ice chest.  Yikes.  This would never do!  Not with all the effort we all had put into designing this wedding.  So, I turned to our creative genius, also known as Marjorie, for help with this design dilemma.  After about thirty seconds she announced she had an InnCredible idea!  She took one of the old vintage trunks we had just hanging around, cut holes in it for the taps and used it to disguise the 'nasty' jockey box.  

Genius, right!

When we found the old 'Shefford' stand at our favorite vintage store, 'The Barn' in El Dorado, the look was complete.  Oh, and just FYI...because this was a last minute addition, and it was really last minute,  Marjorie didn't have time to add any vintage pieces to cover the holes she cut in the trunk.  But, have no fear, the search is on for the perfect ones.  

And, yes, you can rent this beauty through our 'Vintage Elegance' collection.

Lawn Games...
Jill wanted her guests to have something to do at all times, so we gathered together a number of lawn games and set them out for all to use.  And everyone did...even the kids got into the action.

 (Photo courtesy of 'Jagger Photography')

Hobo Sacs...
To say, 'Welcome to Our Wedding', Jill and Nigel gave each of their guests a 'Hobo Sac' Welcome Kit complete with all the necessities for the camping weekend...firewood, kindling, specialty matches, S'mores sticks all bundled together with a bandana and a lovely 'Thank You' note.

 (Photo courtesy of 'Jagger Photography')

Kids Table....
A number of the guests coming for the weekend celebration were bringing their children, so Jill decided to have a special 'kids table' just for them.  We covered a picnic table with butcher paper and put out loads of crayons, markers and stickers for the kids to use.  It was magical.  Watching the kids create was one of the highlights of the evening.

(Kids table before...)

(Kids table during the magic...)
And since there were going to be so many little ones, we suggested they hire a 'sitter' to entertain the kids so their parents could enjoy themselves. Marjorie's youngest daughter, Meagan, is a RN, and within seconds she had all the kids gathered around her having the times of their lives.  Child care is invaluable when you have children at your wedding...and it's well worth the cost!

(Fun times with Auntie Meagan)

And finally...
The Photographers...
I know...that sounds funny right?  But, here's why.  Jill and Nigel hired 'Jagger Photography' to fly down from the Seattle area to shoot their InnCredible camping weekend...but, what we didn't know until they arrived, was that Heather was about 7 months pregnant.  Can you believe it, 7 months pregnant!  I have to give Heather a heck of a lot of was pretty hot the day of the reception and Heather was out in full force, shooting away with her camera.  Kudos to you Miss Heather...and congratulations on your new little bundle of joy...Myles!
(A very preggers Heather shooting the party crowd)

So, there you have it...a few of my favorite things from Jill and Nigel's InnCredible camping wedding reception weekend. 

So, don't be shy...Tell me about your InnCredible DIY ideas...

Until Next time...

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 (Photo courtesy of 'Jagger Photography')

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