Wednesday, March 7, 2012

'Spring is in the Air'...Color Trends for Spring 2012.

'Spring is in the air'...well, at least it is around here anyway.  Trees are budding, tulips and narcissus are blooming...and the robins are out in force... which makes me crave color.  This Spring the experts predict that color is back...and lots of it.  Big, bright and bold color!  Yippee!

After reviewing a number of wedding blogs, it seems the overall favorite for 2012 Spring weddings is 'Tangerine Tango'.  A bright, saturated orange that will make quite a statement.  It can easily stand on it's own or be paired with others for a beautiful look.

Not into orange, well how about yellow?  'Pinterest' predicts that 'Solar Power' will be a crowd pleaser this Spring as well.  Look at how gorgeous this color is.  Again, you can use it alone, or pair it with other Spring me it screams 'happy...happy...happy'.

'Caberet' is another big color for Spring.  Not quite as dark as the wine, this pretty pink has more depth than the softer shades.  'Pinterest' calls it 'fun, festive, bright and energizing'...and it is definitely all that and more!

Another HOT color this year is 'Bellflower'.  So, for those of you who love all shades of purple and lavender, this just may be what you're looking for to stay in step with the trends.  Mix this with a soft grey or silver...stunning!

And finally, for all you 'blue' fans.  Spring 2012, did not disappoint.  This year's Number 1 blue is 'Sodalite'.  A cross between Navy and Royal, this luxurious color can be mixed or matched with other trendy colors, or take center stage.

So, which will you choose?  One of these bright bold showstoppers, or a more subtle hue?  Let us know.

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