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'The Magical Land that is LaRaye'...Part 1

There's rarely a wedding that takes my breath away like LaRaye and Andy's InnCredible Anthro-inspired wedding last October.  To say, I was smitten, is an understatement.  I was 'head over heels' in love with her style, design and decor.  In fact, there were times, I'll admit, I was plotting how I could secretly sneak off with a piece, here or there, that no one would miss....LOL!   Just look at their Engagement photo.  It was taken at LaRaye's storage unit.  Seriously, I love everything...well, accept for the skull, that is!  Hee hee. 

If you're as enamored with LaRaye's style as I am...I'm going to tell you how you too can capture some of her InnCredible touches to make your wedding 'over-the-top' !!!!

Of course, darling LaRaye has been collecting things for years and Marjorie and I have been doing.  I guess it sorta runs in our blood.  And I knew when I saw their engagement photo for the first time, we were in for something extra-special.

The day before their wedding, several pick-up trucks arrived at the 'Coloma Country Inn' bulging at the seams with things for this wedding.  Guests visiting the 'Marshall Gold Discovery State Park', which the Inn is on the fringes of, stopped to see what was going on...and some even wanted to buy items we were unloading...LOL!  Too funny!  Sorry folks, no this isn't a 'yard sale''s a wedding!

LaRaye designed an 'outdoor indoor sitting area' that would 'knock your socks off'.  I loved everything about it...especially her bright blue sofa!   I've never seen anything like it.  Of course, our bride, having worked for 'Anthropologie' in 'The OC', had access to some pretty amazing finds.  This sofa being one.  She added some fab pillows and her look is complete.  You too can accomplish the same look with an old sofa and some great pillows.  Check yard sales and thrift stores for inspiration.

And while the sofa was the focal point, it was 'by no stretch of the imagination', all that greeted guests as they bellied up to the bar for LaRaye and Andy's signature drink...a Basil Grape Refresher. Let's just say it was a good thing Marjorie and I split one of these delightful the insistence of our happy couple, I might add...because we heard those 'little devils' had a tendency to sneak up on ya when you weren't looking...LOL

Oh, sorry I digressed...back to magic land!
Scattered throughout the 'sitting area' were fabulous lamps, funky old vintage trunks, well loved suitcases, old books and bottles, and tons of pictures of our happy couple.  LaRaye added the pom pom trim to the bottom of the this lamp shade to finish her look.  Another easy trick that does so much!  Just get some fun vintage trim, attach with fabric glue...and voila!  A statement piece! 


For me, the crowning glory were these cute little birdies on the lampshades.  I was so taken with these little guys that I've been collecting my own flock...LOL!  This look is so easy to copy too...Find your own feathered friends and attach them to your lamp shades...instant charm!


One of the favorite piece at the Coloma Country Inn that brides absolutely swoon over is the silver leaf vanity that Marjorie made.  Typically, it is used as a prop for hair and make-up, but LaRaye, being the eclectic darling that she is, decided to use it as her cake/dessert table.  

LaRaye's friend made all the cake and dessert stands to give it that 'pop' of color that is so LaRaye!

Each stand was made out of multiple glass pieces that were glued together and then spray painted.  For instructions on how to do this, check out this link:
It's pretty easy and makes quite the statement, don't ya think?

We added our 'Vintage Elegance' vintage china plates and silver to complete the look.

LaRaye and Andy also had a photo booth...and, as you might guess, it was not your standard, 'run of the mill', photo booth.  Oh no!  LaRaye made a huge frame out of plywood...spray painted it and used it as the backdrop for guests to stand in to take their photos.

She also added these fabulous mannequins to draw attention to the photo booth.  Awesome! 

Another really fun idea that this creative couple had was their guest book.  A friend painted the picture for them, they framed it, and each guest put their thumb print on a branch and added a few kind words.  It's such a lovely keepsake and another easy DIY touch to make your wedding stand apart from others.  If you don't have an artist friend, print a picture of a tree from the internet, frame it and you've got an instant guest book.


Still wanting more...well, here's a few more InnCredible ideas from the 'Magical Land that is LaRaye' !...Enjoy!


So, there you have it...Part 1 of 'The Magical Land that is LaRaye'!  Stay tuned for Part 2...coming soon! 

Again, our special thanks to the InnCredible vendors who made this wedding a dream come true...

Caterer/Desserts:  'Beth Sogaard Catering'
Wedding Planner:  'InnCredible Events'...that's us
Rentals:  'Vintage Elegance'...that's us too!!!!

Until next time...

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