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'The Magical Land that is LaRaye'...Part 2

Last week I showed you some of the fantabulous ideas that LaRaye used in her wedding decor to set her wedding apart from any other that had been hosted at the 'Coloma Country Inn'.  And if you missed it, you really need to go back and read's a goodie!  LOL! 

Today, I'll show you a bit more of LaRaye's creative genius...and how Marjorie and I enhanced her styling with a bit of our own creative talents!  And yes ladies, we do have some creative talent...hee hee...!!!

For her tables, LaRaye had collected unique vintage metal tins to hold her flowers.  She then glued black and white ribbon with a bow on each tin and added a Bingo piece in the center to tie it all together.  She dropped in a Mason jar to hold the flowers and water, then our marvelous ladies, Judie, and Melissa, at 'Placerville Flowers on Main' worked their magic and turned these tins into fabulously fun table arrangements. Groom Andy provided the succulents for that perfect look.

LaRaye's friends provided the lace table cloths that Marjorie scrunched on the table tops to give the tables a more eclectic look, as opposed to just laying them flat.  This allowed us to place the flowers and the candles in groupings without losing the look LaRaye was going for.  One very important tip ladies...always, alway, always use non-drip candles!  Need I say more?

We had a blast with the bar too.  LaRaye wanted a vintage, funky, rustic look to it, so Marjorie and I pulled out our favorite old rusty cart, topped it with a piece of marble...then added an old rusty wheelbarrow for the beer...and voila...rustic elegance at it's best!!!  Marjorie made the fabulous Bar Sign using an old mirror and paint pen.  Pretty cool, huh?

Remember, when writing on mirrors or chalkboards always use paint pens, not chalk.  Chalk smears and will rub off...paint will not!

La Raye added the fantastic chandelier that she made while she was working at 'Anthropologie' to make the design all her own.  You can make one too out of old wine bottles, a bottle cutter, some rope and cool lights.  It was InnCredible!  Marjorie is probably creating one even as we speak...LOL!  I'm sure we'll be seeing one of these beauties in our 'Vintage Elegance' line very soon!!!!

In addition to the bar, Marjorie designed a beverage station for those guests who were not wanting to imbibe on anything but tea or spa water.  She used several of her favorite vintage furniture pieces from our 'Vintage Elegance' line, books and Scrabble letters to add that pizzazz that was so LaRaye.   Then, being the amazingly creative woman that she is, she brought out an old vintage yellow stand to place glasses and pictures on.  Needless to say, the look was a show stopper!!!!


Finally, we tackled the Gift Table...another one of LaRaye's amazing designs.  The suitcase is part of our 'Vintage Elegance' line, as is the amazingly wonderful old kitchen table.

Even though we had removed the gifts for safe keeping, the Bistro lights made this table magical at night....

Ok...I cannot, in good conscience end this chapter without mentioning the food.  It was beautiful...and ever so tasty!  'Beth Sogaard Catering'...'The No Worry Caterer'...did an amazing usual!  Take a peek.  If these pictures don't make you hungry, nothing will...LOL!  And these were just the appetizers...Oh Yum!

Oh my goodness, there were so many InnCredible elements to this wedding, I could go on and on.  For instance, the black and white checkered dance floor...the free-standing fireplace at the back of the dance amazingly cool candelabra that only LaRaye, and I, love...and, the list goes on, and on, and on!  But, in the interest of time, I'll stop here...LOL!

For more inspiration and ideas, go to our 'Pinterest' site, just look for 'LaRaye & Andy's InnCredible Wedding', or check out our 'WeddingWire' page for more InnCredible photos!

And just because I can't say it enough...thanks so very much to all the InnCredible vendors who made this dream wedding a reality.

Photographer...'Stellasweet Photography'
Florist...'Placerville Flowers on Main'
Caterer & Desserts...'Beth Sogaard Catering'
Cake...'Sierra Rizing Bakery'
DJ...'Extreme Productions'
Reception Venue...'Coloma Country Inn' 
Ceremony Venue...'Emmanuel Church'
Wedding Planners...'InnCredible Events'...that's us!

Until next time...

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  1. LOVE! I'm so inspired and in awe of this lovely set up.