Monday, March 28, 2011

Tickled Pink!

This week, I decided to design my 'Inspiration Board' around the color 'pink'.
I spent most of my weekend helping my youngest daughter, Halley, paint her bedroom 'pink', so it just seemed natural to continue with that theme in this new board. You see, you just never know where you'll find inspiration. LOL!

(my InnCredible cutie-pie, Halley!)

Ok...ok...I know, pink is pretty synonymous with weddings...and it's one of those colors that, depending upon the shade of pink you choose, can say a myriad of different things. To me, light pink whispers romance, while hot pink screams, well, HOT, and sassy. So depending upon your mood, there is usually a color of 'pink' that works.

And ladies, if you can't get your guy to go for 'pink', try using Sasha Souza of 'Sasha Souza Events' strategy. Sasha told a groom who was adamantly opposed to having 'pink' at his wedding, that they would be using 'fuchsia' instead of 'pink'...and, you guessed it, he went for it! After all, it wasn't 'pink' was 'fuchsia'! Genius!

To begin my 'Tickled Pink Inspiration Board', I chose another fabulous pair of shoes, of course. I love these shoes! They are sexy, romantic, and sassy all at the same time. And boy, oh boy, would they look InnCredible under the perfect wedding gown. Wouldn't you agree?

And then...I found that most amazingly perfect wedding dress! So it was a toss-up to see which one I wanted to be the focal point for my board. In the end, the shoes won! I'm not sure why...this dress is InnCredible!!! Silly me!

Last week, I promised you that I'd try out 'Squidoo' this time...which I did. But when I got into it, I realized it's a program designed specifically for blogs, so it was almost impossible for me to construct my 'Inspiration Board' on it. Because of this, I went back to 'Picasa' which has several easy options in place to let you create the board you want and the look you desire. "Note to self, check out all programs I recommend before posting them, even if all the research points to them as an option. Check!"

I'm still not 100% comfortable with Picasa, but at least I can maneuver my way around it, even if I do get stuck now and then. Since Picasa gives you six different layout options for your 'Inspiration Board', I decided to try another one this time. I designed my 'Tickled Pink Inspiration Board' using their 'Frame Mosaic' option. It puts one picture in the middle of the board and the others around it.

I then searched my photo files and scoured the internet for photos that either captivated me, or in some cases, 'took my breath away'. Once I had all my photos on my board, I clicked the 'Scramble Pictures' button until I got it arranged to my liking. I also figured out that I could move the pictures around by just left clicking on them, picking them up and replacing them in the spot I wanted them. Pretty snazzy, if you ask me.

The one thing I'm not too crazy about is that you're not able to 'undo' something and go back to where you were if you make any sort of change. Of course, I say that knowing full well that it's entirely possible that I just haven't figured out how to do that yet. LOL!

But, as cool as the 'Frame Mosaic' option is, I think I'll stick with 'Picture Pile' because I just like the look and feel of the photos being in different configurations and not all lined up. But, that's just might love the look and feel of a more organized board!
That's why we love choices, right ladies?

For all you brides who are using a wedding website for your 'Inspiration Boards', I'd not only love to see your creations, but to hear how the process worked for you. Where you found your images and why they inspired you. So, ladies...send me your 'Inspiration Boards'!

Oh, and, gents too...let's not forget about our grooms! How cool would it be to see a '
Grooms Inspiration Board'. Grooms are taking a much more active role in the wedding planning these days, so it's time we included them in this process as well...right? I may tackle that next time, you never know!

(that's my InnCredibly handsome son, Cameron, in the back row!)

And again, you can send me your InnCredible 'Inspiration Boards' to my email at: or you can click on this link "Contact Us', enter your information and 'Cut & Paste' your 'Inspiration Board' into our 'Message' box. Simple! Piece of Cake! Easy as Pie! Do It!

I'll post each and every 'Inspiration Board' I get on this blog and on our 'InnCredible Events' facebook page...and in addition, the link will be posted on our Twitter page as well. And, I'll even include a picture of you and your honey if you send one to me. Pretty awesome, right? Seriously, who doesn't want their creative talent uploaded for the whole world to see? So send me your 'Inspiration Boards!'

Until next time...start creating!

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(My InnCredibly beautiful daughter, Ailis!)
Photo courtesy of 'Sweetness and Light Photography'

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